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Christmas Holidays

The long awaited Christmas holidays are finally here. I have been limping* towards them with a grim determination that, in the last couple of days, has invovled violent and painful coughing. But at least I wasn’t generating cover for anyone else.

Almost as soon as I walked through the door at the end of the day today the more traditional aspects of the cold started, those which mean you go through boxes of tissues and gross everyone out. Brilliant. Oh well, I’ll be able to help Rudolph find the way. Having said that, when it started earlier in the week I felt a lot worse, so it could be er… worse. As they say.

Anyway, must do some Christmas shopping tomorrow – I like to leave it until it really is hell in the shops. Although actually I have already done quite a lot of it, I’m just being a drama queen.

*not literally of course – I didn’t pull any muscles whilst coughing unlike Jack the lass, not that she did it through coughing or anything, just saying you know, that it can be silly things but in my case I am not literally limping or anything. Am I rambling?

One week until holidays – hurrah

There is one week to go until the end of term. I am very happy about that, but secretly a bit peeved because on the last day of term, when we finish early, I miss two free lessons. This means I am not gaining as much as I could be, if for example it was today, when I would have missed a completely loopy class and another class that I actually think are quite sweet – and it isn’t often you’ll hear me say that!

Anyway, one week to go, and that’s got to be a good thing.

I am ready to put Christmas decorations up now. Not right now though, cos I have to cook and then go and sing some carols and tell people I don’t like mince pies.

Ramblings of a woman back from holiday

I’m back from a holiday I didn’t tell you I was going on. It must have worked because you haven’t come and burgled the house while I’ve been gone, so that’s good. Unless you have taken something I haven’t noticed yet, and left the house looking much the same as always – a bit of a mess – if you do ever burgle would you mind doing a bit of cleaning and tidying while you’re here? Thanks. Actually, I don’t think you are going to steal anything but I’m over cautious.

Anyway, we went to the North – of England, not the world. We were prepared for wet weather and got some, but remained rather confused because the weather reports kept telling us how wet it was going to be and it wasn’t. Apart from when we were arriving in York – that was extremely rainy, in a ‘I can’t see where we’re going’ type way, Durham was also very rainy but in a more persisting it down type way, steadily, except apparently it stopped for the afternoon, but I’ve blocked that out.

I confess to you here and now that I have been rather lazy on holiday this year, I blame my energetic start to the summer holidays. We did see quite a bit of York though and climbed the tower at the Cathedral which is something I love to do – climb high towers rather than York specifically. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so didn’t take any photos of it, we went to the National Railway Museum, which I didn’t find quite as uninteresting as I thought I would. I did leave early to go shopping though. We went on the wheel there which is a bit like a cross between a fairground ride and the London Eye.

We went to Holy Island and met with beautiful sunshine, we went to Durham (as I said) and laughed at a priest as he walked in to take communion. I don’t normally laugh at such things but it really was very silly. I could try and describe it to you I suppose.

I’ll write it down then read it back, if it’s not here it’s because I didn’t do the moments justice.

… it was rubbish – sorry.

We went to the beaches in Northumberland a few times, had a bit of a bad experience when we first arrived at the flat we were renting (the cleaner hadn’t been in and we had no clean sheets and towels, and couldn’t get hold of the owners, we used the washer/drier in the end and the cleaner came the following day – but not something you want to think about at 6pm on a Saturday evening), we ate lots of food – probably a lot too much food and watched some Olympics.

I’m around for a while now but will have to think about work briefly on Thursday before not going away anywhere again for a few days over the bank holiday.

Summer sleep

I have been off school for a week now and it’s been quite a busy week. I often think I need time to recover from a year at school but haven’t really had the opportunity, which I think explains why the only two days I haven’t had to be somewhere, doing something first thing, I have fallen asleep on the sofa for a while. In part this is because I am still programmed to get up in the mornings (I never thought I would be a person who just wakes up without an alarm – though actually come to think of it, when the alarm fails and I need to get up I don’t). Age probably has a great part to play in me waking up at 8 this morning.

Of course it’s now 1am and I am still up, I’m a fool.

My first week off has been filled with once in a lifetime opportunities, so I really can’t complain. I do get a little worried when I rattle off the rest of the summer (when people ask me), and it’s over before I know it.