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Quite frankly dreadful

I go to other blogs quite reguarly and am disappointed when there aren’t any updates. How can I be so hypocritical?

As I’ve said before, a major fear for me is being tracked down because I am a teacher and don’t want actual pupils finding me. I think this is one reason why I don’t blog very much. Another reason is very simple in that I don’t log on to my computer much. This is largely related to hand-held devices that enable me to read easily but makes typing a lot more time consuming. Is it easier to write something when everything seems to be going wrong? Rather like it’s easier to pray when everything is going wrong. I don’t know whether this is the case but I am very happy, and without great dramas, so perhaps I don’t need to pour everything out here.

I am probably making excuses for laziness. What really annoys me at work is when people can’t just admit they’re wrong. I accept people make mistakes, or do stupid things ‘just because’ but hate when they can’t just say ‘I’m sorry’. So ‘internet world’ (diminished now to maybe one hapless reader) I’m sorry. I don’t blog very often now. I can make promises about how I will do better – I’d mean it – but ultimately I will probably fail again.

The Snailr Project

The brilliant Anna, whose Little Red Boat blog I have been reading for many years, came up with an amazing project.

In her own words from her Snailr Project site

One journey of almost 7000 miles, six new cities, eight trains, fifteen days, and every vignette, observation and fractured bitty-bit of the travelogue broken up and sent as status messages the old way. By postcard. To a bunch of random people who asked for one. Because travelling slowly is nice. And so is leaving a trail to see where we have been.

I am proud to announce I was one of those random people who asked for a postcard.

I am now completing a rather delayed attempt to fulfill my end of the bargain and do something with the postcard. The fact it is so slow may make it seem I wasn’t pleased to get the postcard, however quite the contrary, I was very happy indeed to get the postcard and so I wanted to do something interesting with it. Also I am a bit rubbish at updating my blog – you may not have noticed that though.

The result of me being slow is not that interesting I’m afraid. Still here is the postcard and here are the cats.

Anna, I’m really sorry they don’t look happier to receive the card. I did try explaining the whole thing to them but they just didn’t seem that bothered. A reflection on their attitude, not your project. I believe they are now teenagers and therefore everything is dull to them. Trust me, I work in a Secondary School.

On the front the postcard reads “the snailr project has been up everything else”

On the back it says
“This is the Space Needle! I realise from this angle it looks less like a needle, more of a space-lampstand but still. Very Seattle. There you go. No, we didn’t go up, it’s $18. Still Blimey, eh?!”

So, Anna, thank you very much for my lovely postcard, it is fab. The snailr project is one I remain in awe of. One day I may get to do such a journey but it won’t be remembered in such a way.

Best wishes for your return to the UK.


We’re back from a wonderful stay in Ireland. I had thought I would just have to endure the weather and carry on regardless. I am very happy to report that no endurance went on as it really was beautiful, the weather was occasionally slightly wet but not for long at all and mostly lovely. In fact it was far worse when we hit British shores.

Here are a few pictures, for the record Kinsale was a lovely town but I don’t have any plans to return, County Kerry was stunning and I certainly want to return at some point.

Sorry clicking on the thumbnails doesn’t work but hopefully you can still see the pictures a little bit.

A general update

I thought I’d blog as it’s been a while and then I sit down ready to write and think so… what do I want to say?

Trouble is that life is going really well – I know, that doesn’t sound like a trouble does it? It does leave me thining that there isn’t much to tell you though. Still there must be things I have done or thought.

We went to Spring Harvest in Skegness this year, we weren’t going to but then about 3 weeks before hand my husband managed to persuade me it was a good idea and you know what? It was. I no longer go expecting to enjoy everything I go to but equally find plenty of snippets of things that make me glad I went. I loved Saltmine, infact they are what kept me going to the Big Top celebrations every night. I remember thinking the first night, brilliant, we are going to get songs that we know, that was until I got to the second night. I know people go to learn new songs but it is the fact that there are so many of them. Anyway I can’t say I stayed to all of the Big Top celebration each evening but I stayed quite a bit. Friends who I hadn’t seen for far too long came for a day and it was so good to catch up with them. They used to live round the corner from me and I drive past their old house at least twice a day, I really miss them. We had the added bonus of staying with other friends on the way, again it had been far too long since we had seen them.

Work is really weird at the moment, there are lots of changes about to happen and it feels like everyone is holding their breath waiting to see what impact it is going to have on daily life. Part of the problem of being at such a good school is that you know what you are missing if that changes! When I first started teaching I had no idea it could be like it is for me now. I hadn’t realised that every lesson didn’t need to be a battle. Working there is the thing that keeps me in Essex, I don’t want to dread going to work every day.

We have just booked part of our summer holiday – to Southern Ireland, a week in Kinsale. If you have any recommendations do let me know (and please don’t recommend giving Kinsale a miss as we have paid our deposit). We have also just bought a new tent, it’s very big but hopefully not too embarrassing to put up when there are only the two of us going to be in it. We have bought it partly because of Greenbelt (I gave in and said we could camp again once I saw the hotel had doubled their prices), we are also going to try it out for a couple of weekends here and there and are contemplating taking it with us to Ireland for a bit of before and/or after cottage camping.

I’ll stop now and try to find more interesting things to report in the future.

Perfect purple

It has long been an issue for me when talking about purple to explain the actual colour I mean. I know what purple is, I know it is the most fantastic colour in the world and yet people insist on thinking of it as something near maroon, which is simply so wrong it ‘scares me’ (a bit like Greg and John who are scared by so many flavour combinations I’m amazed they ever try any food at all). Anyway, the fact is that I know purple when I see it and yesterday I saw it and now I can tell people perfect purple is Pantone 268. If you know what purple is I understand if you disagree with me, it’s just that you’re wrong and I’m right.

Of course I accept this is quite a light version of the colour, it could be darker but this colour has to be the starting point.

Saffron Walden

Just over a week ago we were looking for something to do to round off the holidays. Rather randomly we decided to go to Saffron Walden – the other option was Cambridge but we felt we should get up early to go there to make the most of it and the chances of getting up early were slim.

We didn’t really know what to expect once we got there but did expect a market town – which I suppose it what we got. It was lovely – even in the occasional sleet – but rather smaller than I expected. Still we had a good wander around the town, had a lovely pub lunch (I also had a cider which set me off realising I really quite like it again) and wandered into what is said to be the largest Parish Church in Essex. I really like the contrast of the dark sky with the sun light on the Church.

Saffron Walden

Typo error – oops

It has come to my attention that I didn’t spell Mr Mainwaring correctly, I had never thought about it before and had assumed it was simply Mr Mannering. I now understand the error of my ways due to a freakish google rating for my spelling of the word.

I urge you, searchers of the truth, to google the correct spelling of his name.

No snow day

The torment of hearing how many schools are closed in the area and still having to go in! Really quite something. I will say for my year 11s that they really are remarkably good at spreading rumours. The amount of times I had been told that lower school had been sent home (when I said I think we’d have noticed someone suggested that they had been made to leave quietly by just one exit!), there are also many teachers that have told them the school is about to close, one even heard the headteacher saying that he was about to close the school!

In reality school closed about half an hour early.

Come on snow, give us a day off!!!