Monthly Archives: February 2011

Quite frankly dreadful

I go to other blogs quite reguarly and am disappointed when there aren’t any updates. How can I be so hypocritical?

As I’ve said before, a major fear for me is being tracked down because I am a teacher and don’t want actual pupils finding me. I think this is one reason why I don’t blog very much. Another reason is very simple in that I don’t log on to my computer much. This is largely related to hand-held devices that enable me to read easily but makes typing a lot more time consuming. Is it easier to write something when everything seems to be going wrong? Rather like it’s easier to pray when everything is going wrong. I don’t know whether this is the case but I am very happy, and without great dramas, so perhaps I don’t need to pour everything out here.

I am probably making excuses for laziness. What really annoys me at work is when people can’t just admit they’re wrong. I accept people make mistakes, or do stupid things ‘just because’ but hate when they can’t just say ‘I’m sorry’. So ‘internet world’ (diminished now to maybe one hapless reader) I’m sorry. I don’t blog very often now. I can make promises about how I will do better – I’d mean it – but ultimately I will probably fail again.