The Snailr Project

The brilliant Anna, whose Little Red Boat blog I have been reading for many years, came up with an amazing project.

In her own words from her Snailr Project site

One journey of almost 7000 miles, six new cities, eight trains, fifteen days, and every vignette, observation and fractured bitty-bit of the travelogue broken up and sent as status messages the old way. By postcard. To a bunch of random people who asked for one. Because travelling slowly is nice. And so is leaving a trail to see where we have been.

I am proud to announce I was one of those random people who asked for a postcard.

I am now completing a rather delayed attempt to fulfill my end of the bargain and do something with the postcard. The fact it is so slow may make it seem I wasn’t pleased to get the postcard, however quite the contrary, I was very happy indeed to get the postcard and so I wanted to do something interesting with it. Also I am a bit rubbish at updating my blog – you may not have noticed that though.

The result of me being slow is not that interesting I’m afraid. Still here is the postcard and here are the cats.

Anna, I’m really sorry they don’t look happier to receive the card. I did try explaining the whole thing to them but they just didn’t seem that bothered. A reflection on their attitude, not your project. I believe they are now teenagers and therefore everything is dull to them. Trust me, I work in a Secondary School.

On the front the postcard reads “the snailr project has been up everything else”

On the back it says
“This is the Space Needle! I realise from this angle it looks less like a needle, more of a space-lampstand but still. Very Seattle. There you go. No, we didn’t go up, it’s $18. Still Blimey, eh?!”

So, Anna, thank you very much for my lovely postcard, it is fab. The snailr project is one I remain in awe of. One day I may get to do such a journey but it won’t be remembered in such a way.

Best wishes for your return to the UK.