We’re back from a wonderful stay in Ireland. I had thought I would just have to endure the weather and carry on regardless. I am very happy to report that no endurance went on as it really was beautiful, the weather was occasionally slightly wet but not for long at all and mostly lovely. In fact it was far worse when we hit British shores.

Here are a few pictures, for the record Kinsale was a lovely town but I don’t have any plans to return, County Kerry was stunning and I certainly want to return at some point.

Sorry clicking on the thumbnails doesn’t work but hopefully you can still see the pictures a little bit.

One thought on “Ireland

  1. Looks stunningly beautiful — and green!; I always regret not seeing more of Ireland when I lived there for a brief time. Glad I can travel through your wonderful photos.

    And wonderful to read you had a great time.

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