Perfect purple

It has long been an issue for me when talking about purple to explain the actual colour I mean. I know what purple is, I know it is the most fantastic colour in the world and yet people insist on thinking of it as something near maroon, which is simply so wrong it ‘scares me’ (a bit like Greg and John who are scared by so many flavour combinations I’m amazed they ever try any food at all). Anyway, the fact is that I know purple when I see it and yesterday I saw it and now I can tell people perfect purple is Pantone 268. If you know what purple is I understand if you disagree with me, it’s just that you’re wrong and I’m right.

Of course I accept this is quite a light version of the colour, it could be darker but this colour has to be the starting point.

5 thoughts on “Perfect purple

  1. You are, indeed, a woman of discernment. That is the definition of purple – all other purples are but variations on the theme.

  2. Maybe it is just my monitor, but that looks like a dark blue to me. Just needs a smidge more red. Not a lot, I grant you, but definitely a bit more.

    Just remembering the endless arguments I would have with my Mum over whether something was blue or green.

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