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Saffron Walden

Just over a week ago we were looking for something to do to round off the holidays. Rather randomly we decided to go to Saffron Walden – the other option was Cambridge but we felt we should get up early to go there to make the most of it and the chances of getting up early were slim.

We didn’t really know what to expect once we got there but did expect a market town – which I suppose it what we got. It was lovely – even in the occasional sleet – but rather smaller than I expected. Still we had a good wander around the town, had a lovely pub lunch (I also had a cider which set me off realising I really quite like it again) and wandered into what is said to be the largest Parish Church in Essex. I really like the contrast of the dark sky with the sun light on the Church.

Saffron Walden

Typo error – oops

It has come to my attention that I didn’t spell Mr Mainwaring correctly, I had never thought about it before and had assumed it was simply Mr Mannering. I now understand the error of my ways due to a freakish google rating for my spelling of the word.

I urge you, searchers of the truth, to google the correct spelling of his name.

No snow day

The torment of hearing how many schools are closed in the area and still having to go in! Really quite something. I will say for my year 11s that they really are remarkably good at spreading rumours. The amount of times I had been told that lower school had been sent home (when I said I think we’d have noticed someone suggested that they had been made to leave quietly by just one exit!), there are also many teachers that have told them the school is about to close, one even heard the headteacher saying that he was about to close the school!

In reality school closed about half an hour early.

Come on snow, give us a day off!!!

First day back survived

It wasn’t even too bad to be honest. I’m not raving about it or anything like that and I really would like a few more snow days please – proper ones where you’re told before you get up that school is closed. My classroom is normally oven like it it’s hotness but today it really wasn’t. My form were walking in and saying ‘wow it’s really warm in here’ – much like they always do – before realising that actually it wasn’t that warm at all.

I was angelic in the work I did yesterday in the hope that it would mean I don’t spend the entire term trying to catch up but unfortunately there are still a lot of things I haven’t done which should have already been done. I never claimed to be perfect.

Happy New Year

I’ve just decided that I should blog more often, some might call it a New Year’s Resolution but I made those vaguely the other day and they mostly revolve around trying to keep the house more tidy. I could say I was inspired by NaBloPoMo but I am a couple of days late already so that can’t be it. Perhaps I just feel I have neglected my blog and I don’t want to carry on neglecting it.

Anyway ressurrecting my blog at the moment I am meant to be doing lots of work for tomorrow seems like a very good idea. I have about 5 sets of tests to mark and I have a scheme that is only half written. What I should have done of course it take advantage of the bonus day off I got at the end of last term – snow I love you – but I was too excited to get an extra day of my holiday to actually take advantage of it in a sensible and boring way. So in proper last minute style here I am on the last day of my holiday about to attempt some work.

I’ll tell you a little bit about my Christmas holidays another time.