Monthly Archives: August 2009

Essex cats

We bought our cats new collars months and months ago but they’ve sat packaged up and hidden away until today (the collars not the cats). I was tidying and came across them. I had forgotten the rather blingy ‘gold’ buckle they had. Now we have Essex cats thinking they are the bees knees in their smart collars. At least we didn’t let them keep their Cats Protection League given names – Carly and Cassie – I can’t remember which was which but Mattie really wouldn’t suit either.


We almost dashed straight off from school this year, sometimes I think I’d like to leave it a couple of weeks to do stuff and then go. In a way it was really good to go straight off but I am left with having to go into work soon rather than having got it out of the way at the beginning.

Anyway we went to the New Forest for a few nights and stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast. We hired bikes and had a good old cycle – well I was impressed with how well we did anyway. We admired the ponies wandering around and we ate lots of food and drank lots of drink. We then pootled down to Brixham which we’d chosen because of the fabulous view the place claimed to have of the harbour. Thankfully it lived up to expectations and we spent a lot of time just watching everything. We went for a few trips around and decided that public transport is varied. We loved our visit to Dartmouth and loved catching the boat to Torquay – our mistake was catching the bus home. A worse driver I have yet to encounter. We really liked Totnes too. Despite my intentions I didn’t go swimming in the seawater pool at Brixham. I’m just too lazy I think. Once upon a time I would have been there every day doing lengths, I was a little put off by forgetting my goggles – my eyes are unbelievable if I don’t wear them. Enough excuses I must be getting old. We had some lovely meals out and about but the best location was Breakwater Cafe and Bistro the food was really good too.

On our way home we had decided to stop in Winchester for the night – a good plan as it turned out, traffic was a nightmare. We stayed in a very quirky b and b in the sort of house I would just love to own one day. It was also next door to the sort of pub it would be great to live next door to. We went to the Cathedral for Sung Eucharist on Sunday morning and were entertained by the visiting conductor (he had a choir with him but to be honest he really was the main event). Finally we came home, which is nice too but that means I need to do some jobs rather than simply relax.


I have never had so many so many vivid and bizarre dreams. I have also never had so many dreams about work – which isn’t fair given that I am in the middle of the holidays. I can’t remember a lot of them now – though I can recount them in some detail when I first wake up – sorry husband dearest.

I have had a variety of children rioting and not listening to a thing I say, which is really wierd as the school I’m in has excellent behaviour. I have had children walking out to go shopping, I have had long conversations with the headteacher – a rare occurence indeed!

My husband’s employer merged with a television programme and had offices in an old cow shed. So many other things perhaps I should record them so I can understand how truly strange I am.