Monthly Archives: July 2009

A potted history of my June

The month rather than any person I may or may not own called June.

Half term came and went – actually that was May I think, anyway we went to the Cotswolds for a few days to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. It was cold.

We bought a bbq which we have put together but haven’t used yet.

We went to see the Pet Shop Boys at the O2 Arena. It was fabulous and I wondered why we don’t do that sort of thing more often – I’m told it’s the cost – and getting back on the tube at the end of the evening. Have a look at some rather distant photos at the bottom (I can’t seem to put them amongst the text so am not even trying).

I took a group of kids to London to look at some great places of worship and they seemed to enjoy it.

We survived an inspection at work – stressful but successful. I still disagree with the whole thing, not that schools shouldn’t be checked but all it succeeds in doing is putting schools that are struggling under more pressure and speed them along the road to illness and failure.

Got very hot when singing in a Church with the group of people I sing with (makes sense).

Watched some tennis but not as much as I sometimes watch.

Typed up Deanery Synod meeting notes six weeks after the meeting – strangely I could remember very little but had scribbled down some notes. These included “we miss our thumbs”, “some people have something to say about everything”, “emotional and practical support”, “interesting water jug* with plastic cups”, “Huzzah” and “joy”. As you will detect not a great meeting, though my personal highlight was when we were told to get into small groups and the woman immediately in front of me turned round and told me to talk to the people behind me because she already knew the person she was sharing her pew with. I did feel loved.

*It wasn’t that interesting, it was a jug of the style that is often used for communion.

Pet Shop Boys 1img_0654Pet Shop Boys 3Pet Shop Boys 4