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Woo Hoo Kettle a new

Apologies for the rather hideous title but I am very happy. Three years ago my husband and I spent quite a long time choosing a kettle to put on our wedding list. We found one we thought was lovely, trouble is we fell for it’s good looks. It couldn’t pour. Rather than being sane and sensible people we didn’t take it back and every time we use it it causes a little bit of unhappiness at it’s lack of pouriness.

Anyway,  after about six months of gazing at new kettles and wondering how we would ever tell whether they would pour well or not, we finally took the plunge and purchased a new kettle. I promised that if it showed any signs of unpouriness it would go straight back. We took it home and it is our new friend. The design is such that you can see exactly how much water you are puting in with the idea that you are more likely to boil only what you need. It works, it boils water very nicely, it is easy to see how much water there is and it pours beautifully. Here is a picture of the kettle.


Easter Holidays

Easter has been dominated by Spring Harvest. I can’t say this is something I was particularly looking forward to but in the end it was better than I expected.

Highlights were

  • The Easter Sunrise* Service on the beach at Minehead, granted I was tired for the rest of the morning but it was lovely, especially as the tide was in so the waves were crashing on the beach.
  • Spending time relaxing
  • Spending time and indeed breakfasts with my sister-in-law.
  • The anecdotes by Danielle Strickland in the morning Bible reading, that to be honest wasn’t really a Bible reading, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Worship on the second to last evening, it definitely benefited from a couple of more hymn type songs.
  • Having a go at Fencing for the first time since I tried it once when I was about 15.
  • Actually going to the swimming pool, which I had never done before at Spring Harvest.
  • Going to the readings and reflections service one evening.
  • The weather.
  • The fantastical dancing I saw on the last night in the big top by a man and a woman who must have been particularly blessed in being able to make God smile a big genuine grin (well it worked for me).
  • The easy journey home.

The lowlights

  • Much of the worship which involved lots of songs I didn’t know and didn’t find particularly good.
  • Having six people in a chalet with one bathroom.
  • The constant urge people have to make you talk to complete strangers about things that you really don’t feel you want to talk to them about, whether because it is very personal or just simply pointless.
  • The dreadful journey to get there, culminating in us arriving at 9.30pm

This demonstrates that the better things outweighed the worse things, which is nice.

Other things I have done this Easter involve driving down to Brighton to see a mini Michael McIntyre gig, which was great but I would have liked to spend more time in Brighton. I also took a friend to Bluewater for some shopping. My husband and I also went to a nearby seaside place for a pub lunch yesterday.

*Sunrise in Minehead was a bit slower, probably because it’s further west, a very civilised 7.30

Take it away

I have discovered this evening that even though having a song going through your head constantly is really, really annoying, it is far worse to have a song going through your head when you can’t remember more than 8 words of the song and have forgotten the tune. Esentially I have the words ‘There’s no one so Irish as Barack Obama’ going round in my head constantly. I blame Terry.