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I’ve been a good person (kind of)

So why am I being punished by people trying to bore me to death? You may feel it isn’t possible to bore someone to death but surely if you lose the will to live that counts?

I went on a course today telling us about changes to our curriculum. This is the first change since the first term I arrived at my current school so I accept that things do change. However, the head of the changes within county – in his wisdom – decided to get someone in to witter about the philosophy of these changes for what was nearly three hours and leave just half an hour to actually look at the changes.

I reckon anyone with even half a brain cell could see that we want to look at the new curriculum and ok, give us 15 mins on the philsophy behind it if you must. Do not bore us stupid.

Review of 2008 blogging of Mad Teacher

I spent a little bit of time the other week being quite sad. Sad in the doing ‘sad’ things rather than crying.

I made a note of posts including which days they were published. First of all the monthly totals.

  • January – 4
  • February 3
  • March – 3
  • April – 2
  • May – 2
  • June – 0
  • July – 4
  • August – 4
  • September – 6
  • October – 4
  • November -4
  • December – 6

That makes an average of 3.5 posts per month. Hmm that’s not good. June was obviously particularly poor but I can’t believe that the most posts done in one month was 6. I picked December 2002 as a random month from my earlier blogging days and counted 23 posts.

Now for days of the week.

  • Sunday – 8
  • Monday – 6
  • Tuesday – 9
  • Wednesday – 5
  • Thursday – 7
  • Friday – 3
  • Saturday – 4

No outstandingly favourite day of the week but Firday and Saturday do seem to be quieter, which makes sense really as I’m not at my computer as much then. Not that I’m at the computer much anyway – hence the poor posting rate.

Anyway one resolution is to write a bit more often on my blog. I will ponder whether I have any other resolutions.

(Edited to finish sentence)