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Christmas 2008

It has been quite different this year. We went to the in-laws for Christmas, which is a first for me (not my husband of course) in the past we have always been just after Christmas as close as boxing day but never actually Christmas day. We spent a lovely Christmas Eve with a group of people. Christmas day involved the usual sorts of things but had more of a holy focus than we would get with my parents.

It was lovely, very different and a lot more peaceful, my own family gatherings aren’t huge but are generally not peaceful for a number of reasons. They continued this tradition without me but the days that we were there were also a lot calmer than usual.

We had a powercut one evening when we were with my parents, as this came before cooking and then lasted we went to the local village with such things to get fish and chips, we then had the dilemma of what to get as the fish and chip shops decided not to open. We decided on pizzas from a local restaraunt as my parents aren’t really Chinese or Indian food type people. It was a really nice evening and, as my dad pointed out, it meant we all actually talked to each other (though he is the worst culprit of not chatting, the rest of us aren’t bad at it). We even went for a walk the following day, I like it once I’m out it’s just my laziness that means I don’t go very often.

Once we returned home we collected two very cold cats from the cattery. Evie had been on the board as Eric for the duration, so I think she is developing identity issues, she is also sneezing but I don’t think this is related to being called Eric.

All in all a good Christmas.

Christmas Holidays

The long awaited Christmas holidays are finally here. I have been limping* towards them with a grim determination that, in the last couple of days, has invovled violent and painful coughing. But at least I wasn’t generating cover for anyone else.

Almost as soon as I walked through the door at the end of the day today the more traditional aspects of the cold started, those which mean you go through boxes of tissues and gross everyone out. Brilliant. Oh well, I’ll be able to help Rudolph find the way. Having said that, when it started earlier in the week I felt a lot worse, so it could be er… worse. As they say.

Anyway, must do some Christmas shopping tomorrow – I like to leave it until it really is hell in the shops. Although actually I have already done quite a lot of it, I’m just being a drama queen.

*not literally of course – I didn’t pull any muscles whilst coughing unlike Jack the lass, not that she did it through coughing or anything, just saying you know, that it can be silly things but in my case I am not literally limping or anything. Am I rambling?

Bah Humbug

I know it isn’t just me but the kids are driving me crazy at the moment. I am tired, they are tired it doesn’t make for a happy combination. It may have been a little cruel to one class that when I asked them if we had done the Christmas quiz last year and they said yes my response was that we’d better have a normal lesson then! Perhaps if I teach them next year they’ll get the right answer!

In the mean time I’m trying to manage tests for those who missed them last week and lack of work for those that didn’t miss them. It makes things difficult.

One week until holidays – hurrah

There is one week to go until the end of term. I am very happy about that, but secretly a bit peeved because on the last day of term, when we finish early, I miss two free lessons. This means I am not gaining as much as I could be, if for example it was today, when I would have missed a completely loopy class and another class that I actually think are quite sweet – and it isn’t often you’ll hear me say that!

Anyway, one week to go, and that’s got to be a good thing.

I am ready to put Christmas decorations up now. Not right now though, cos I have to cook and then go and sing some carols and tell people I don’t like mince pies.


I have added a couple of widgets into my sidebar, one of which is a calendar showing latest posts. The trouble with this is that it makes it really obvious I am a slacker.

The other one is a search bar, but it doesn’t have a heading or anything like that. So if you see an empty space to type in it could be my search bar.

In the mean time I’ll try and do something interesting to write about.

Deanery Synod

I didn’t go to Deanery Synod yesterday. There were a number of reasons for this, none of them really very good.

  • There were already two other people from Church going
  • I had a busy weekend
  • I have a busy week
  • I wouldn’t get to the meeting on time
  • There were already two other people from Church going (I know I’ve already said it but if no-one had been going I would probably have gone)