Monthly Archives: November 2008

Doing the right thing

Now, I don’t like to give too much away cos I would like to remain unknown. But this week in my school, there were important events happening and I had a very strong opinion about what the right result was. My fear was that this wouldn’t happen.

I work in my school because in many ways it’s a great place to work but there are things I don’t like and there are people I have no confidence in necessarily doing the right thing. Anyway I am very happy that what I consider the ‘right thing’ happened. I am amazed but pleased.

A post that won’t even make sense to me in a few months time.


A year 7 appears at my door. I look at him blankly.
“You sent for me” ah, brain kicks in…
“Yes, on Friday. You’re 3 days late. You didn’t had in your homework by the Thursday extension I gave you.”
“Oh, it’s at home”
“That’s great, I can mark it easily then. Here’s your detention slip.”

Not the most enlightening conversation ever. Of course, a teacher should never resort to sarcasm, but really, am I going to accept ‘it’s at home’ as an excuse when I have already given an extension? I think not.

Don’t panic Mr Mannering

I can’t believe I have only been back two weeks since half term. I counted a number of times in different ways just to make sure. I know teachers are always complaining but it really does feel like 4 weeks.

I need to get my act together, there is so much to do. I made a huge marking list before I left work on Friday. I deliberately didn’t bring any of it home because I needed to do an admin type thing (not that teachers do admin tasks any more, oh no. The government made sure that we only have to do teaching related things now). Clearly the task I have been doing is a figment of my imagination.

Did someone mention 5 weeks until Christmas – is that right? Can someone do my shopping for me?

By the way I can now write every state of the USA on a map (correctly). That’ll be useful.

Am I too young to retire?

How is it that after just one week back at work I already feel like I haven’t stopped in years? I’ve been doing my best to catch up having had a really busy time before half term. I’m far from there yet, but maybe one day.

I was feeling quite grumpy as I drove in to work this morning but, all in all, it could have been a lot worse. It’s a busy week though, lots of full teaching days, parents evening, the usual stuff.