Monthly Archives: October 2008

Life got a bit crazy there

School took over everything. I had a major event to plan and execute that took up most of my waking hours and certainly the hours when I was trying to get to sleep. Because everything else was so busy work wise marking had been getting further and further behind so that had to be done at stupidly late times. Generally I was busy. Very busy. Thankfully everything went really well and everyone was really positive. I can’t believe that I managed to do the whole day with a migraine and then teach two full days after it, but of course I did – the human body is quite resilient really. Anyway, it is now half term and we are going to go and enjoy ourseleves.


I was just reading Petite Anglaise who is fab. Her daughter was examined by a doctor who was not ideal.

This reminded me that until I was 20 years old I assumed that doctors were meant to be horrible to you. When I was 20 I got tonsilitis very painfully (I’ve only had it the once – it probably always is that painful). I made my appointment with difficulty, I think the receptionist thought I was a hoax caller, and walked to the doctors with a friend for my appointment. When I went in the doctor was so nice to me he made me cry. He even offered to call my dad to let him know I wasn’t fit to get the train home. I assured him – painfully – that my dad would come and get me.

Since that day I have realised it is possible to get doctors who are human, it just isn’t always easy to do.

Rant Rant Marking Rant

If I could get rid of just one aspect of my job it wouldn’t be the pointless administrative tasks that we have to do to prove we are doing what we do (although they would be second). It would be marking the books of children that haven’t bothered to listen to anything you have said. The things that really, really wind me up are things like ‘Underline headings with a ruler’ in that they don’t. Now, this may not affect the quality of their written work but I wouldn’t really know, because by the time I have written UNDERLINE or USE A RULER 10 times I don’t really care what they have written about, and they certainly won’t get credit marks for what they have done.

It may seem a silly thing to wind me up but I spent a reasonable amount of time explaining it to my classes, exactly what my expectations were and why it mattered. I made it clear that if they struggle with neat writing it would be ok, as long as they had made an effort etc etc etc

By the time I ripped a page in yet another exercise book I wondered why I bother. Cut out the marking and it’s pretty much a regular sort of job, hours wise.

So, given that they take not the slightest bit of notice of anything we write, can’t we just stop? Now? Please?

Organic Veg boxes

Information for Ian – probably far from what you wanted to know.

There are a variety of companies who produce or distribute organic produce. One way which seems to be growing in popularity at the moment is by delivering an organic fruit and/or veg box to your door. Perhaps once a week, perhaps less often. They often also sell other organic produce which you can have delivered at the same time. They sell different sized boxes to suit what you think you want and you don’t always have to place a regular order.

It isn’t too bad for the environment as they don’t fly anything in and they have specific days for delivery in each area.
We get organic veg that we could feel good about eating!
We’d probably eat more veg that currently, though we do eat quite a lot already

We may get some things we don’t want
It will probably cost more