Monthly Archives: September 2008


A few months ago we bought one but then it was the Summer so haven’t played it much since. What with the winter setting in (that’s what it feels like) I have played in the last few days. My arm has been aching since so I decided to set up a left handed Mii for times like this. Anyway, I appear to be not much good at tennis left handed. We only have the Sports, Play and Sonic and the Olympics but I suspect it will be a while before we need any more games. There’s a lot left unexplored – especially on the Olympics though I did win a Bronze, Silver and Gold tonight.

Performance Management Reviews

All over the country people are having meetings with their line manager, or sometimes just another randomer who has been asigned to them to decide how well they have done in the last year and how well they need to do in the next year. And either recommend them for a pay rise or not.

I can imagine what would have been said to me if I were still at my first school, it would have revolved around me being an inadequate teacher, failing in many ways. Strangely, now I am told I am a good teacher with excellent results. Is it me that has changed or the school? I don’t doubt my teaching has changed in the last 10 or so years but what has changed more is my teaching environment.

So for all those teachers going through hell at the moment, I’m sorry that they do this to you. Perhaps one day they will realise that without looking at the circumstances of the situation you can’t make sweeping judgements about the quality of teaching and learning. You have my admiration for even turning up to work, (I know how difficult that can be) and for sticking with it when no-one else wants to.

Damien Hirst

First of all I have to admit I don’t ‘get it’. I like to think that if I had millions to spend I would have more sense.

Secondly, the BBC reported that Hirst had shunned the art galleries in favour of auction because they are so elitist. Erm, but then again you are selling dead cows for millions of pounds – isn’t that elitist? I would suggest that Sothebys isn’t known for it’s ‘appeal to all’ philosophy. But hey, what would I know.

I just can’t watch it

Am I alone in sometimes having to walk out of the room when people do embarrassing things? I have ‘The Restaurant’ on at the moment but can’t claim to have seen it all. How can people get their customers to pre-order their food and then make them wait over an hour for it, then when they give up after two hours expect them to pay for their drinks?

I disappeared to do other things. I found that we went to Paris 5 years ago so we are definitely due to go again in October.

This man is hopeless. Now I don’t intend watching the whole series but may well dip in and out of it.

Ramblings of a tired woman (or worm as the word came out first time)

I appear to be posting when I should be going to bed. Why would that be? It’s not as though I post regularly and don’t want to stop now. I gave up that sort of think a while ago – as you may or may not have noticed. I don’t have any deep reasons for not blogging regularly I just don’t know that I have anything exciting to say – or not things I would have on a public space anyway.

Term is proceeding in a forwardly manner and sadly the two week ‘honeymoon period’ will be over soon. Only one class has been genuinely annoying so far though I have pretended to find others extremely shocking. Set the bar high as they are always saying on sporting events – high jump or not.

Talking of sporting events – which I was briefly – I have been watching what I can of the Paralympics – which is just one hour because they aren’t even using the red button as much as they could be. I’m so pleased it’s on though because withrawal from Olympics was pretty bad. I know they have to wait 4 years and all that but it’s a shame.