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At Greenbelt

I know, I know, I hardly ever post and when I am away, surely I don’t have time to post, but here I am at a computer with time to spare. I wanted to check a couple of things and then found I had finished and still have lots of time left so thought I may as well use it.

For the first time in the history of my Greenbelting I am not camping – although with a campervan what we did always seemed more civilised anyway. We are in a hotel in the centre of Cheltenham, we have a shower, a toilet (which isn’t a porterloo) a bed, a television etc. I feel very spoilt and very happy that when I need the loo it will be there, queueless and clean. I could get used to this, all I need to do is make sure my husband is feeling a bit ill just prior to Greenbelt every year. This will be a challenge as I don’t want him to be too ill to go to Greenbelt at all, just ill enough that he doesn’t feel he can camp. Hmmm. But of course by then people will know about the hotel we’ve booked and it will be full and we won’t find anywhere to stay. I’ll have to do some thinking about this.

Anyway, Greenbelt so far…

We arrived onsite about 6pm yesterday instead of the usual 10am. I headed straight to the beer tent having been repelled by the queue for programmes in the G-store. Right by the beer tent were people selling programmes which seemed like a sign to go and have a beer. I had a chat and a drink before wandering around the centre deciding what to eat. I can’t remember exactly what I did after that but ended up in the queue for Jo Enwright, we gave up on it because it was huge and we didn’t think we’d get in*. Instead we went back to the hotel to have a glass of wine and go through the programme in warmth.

Today has been so sunny, I don’t remember the weather predicting that. Been to a talk, sung a little Taize, eaten a little lunch and that’s about it. I should write something deep and meaningful – maybe next time.

*It turns out we would have got in, but only just – which is of course enough. Ah well.

Dreams and Exams

I had a dream that my parents were looking after L & R’s 2 Persian cats, dad was getting a bit fed up of them, strangely they were wearing knitted argyle jumpers – the cats, not my parents. When I told mum about it she wondered whether she had knitted them for the cats, she then offered to knit jumpers for my cats, I quickly suggested this may not be something they would appreciate.

It was a strange dream on many levels, firstly L & R live 193* miles away from my parents, secondly L & R have one black and white short haired cat (as far as I know), thirdly I have never seen a cat in a jumper in my life, why would it suddenly appear in my dream?

As you will know, GCSE results came out today (yes, yes, easier every year all they have to do to get an A or A* is write their name you know) anyway I looked online at 7.20 this morning, I only took a quick look as I was heading in to school to help with giving them out. Most people did well, a few tears, some of joy and some of disappointment. As for the boy who got Ds and Es in everything and was very down about it, sometimes people get the results which go with the amount of work they have put in, sometimes they are lucky. You got the results you ‘worked’ for. Still blaming everyone else of course.

*I didn’t know this so looked it up on AA, actually it’s 193.5 miles but I thought that was a bit sad.

Ramblings of a woman back from holiday

I’m back from a holiday I didn’t tell you I was going on. It must have worked because you haven’t come and burgled the house while I’ve been gone, so that’s good. Unless you have taken something I haven’t noticed yet, and left the house looking much the same as always – a bit of a mess – if you do ever burgle would you mind doing a bit of cleaning and tidying while you’re here? Thanks. Actually, I don’t think you are going to steal anything but I’m over cautious.

Anyway, we went to the North – of England, not the world. We were prepared for wet weather and got some, but remained rather confused because the weather reports kept telling us how wet it was going to be and it wasn’t. Apart from when we were arriving in York – that was extremely rainy, in a ‘I can’t see where we’re going’ type way, Durham was also very rainy but in a more persisting it down type way, steadily, except apparently it stopped for the afternoon, but I’ve blocked that out.

I confess to you here and now that I have been rather lazy on holiday this year, I blame my energetic start to the summer holidays. We did see quite a bit of York though and climbed the tower at the Cathedral which is something I love to do – climb high towers rather than York specifically. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so didn’t take any photos of it, we went to the National Railway Museum, which I didn’t find quite as uninteresting as I thought I would. I did leave early to go shopping though. We went on the wheel there which is a bit like a cross between a fairground ride and the London Eye.

We went to Holy Island and met with beautiful sunshine, we went to Durham (as I said) and laughed at a priest as he walked in to take communion. I don’t normally laugh at such things but it really was very silly. I could try and describe it to you I suppose.

I’ll write it down then read it back, if it’s not here it’s because I didn’t do the moments justice.

… it was rubbish – sorry.

We went to the beaches in Northumberland a few times, had a bit of a bad experience when we first arrived at the flat we were renting (the cleaner hadn’t been in and we had no clean sheets and towels, and couldn’t get hold of the owners, we used the washer/drier in the end and the cleaner came the following day – but not something you want to think about at 6pm on a Saturday evening), we ate lots of food – probably a lot too much food and watched some Olympics.

I’m around for a while now but will have to think about work briefly on Thursday before not going away anywhere again for a few days over the bank holiday.