Monthly Archives: July 2008

Car Insurance

“Hello, I’m calling you because I have received my new quote for insurance and wanted to give you the opportunity to revise the quote before I buy my insurance elsewhere.”

Seems simple enough.

Instead what I got was a load of condesending drivel explaining why I shouldn’t use price comparison websites. I politely informed him that I wasn’t stupid, I am perfectly capable of understanding insurance, and once again can you improve your quote. He continued to condesend, I was less polite at this stage.

Finally it turns out that no, they aren’t going to improve my quote but would give me £30 of shopping vouchers. At some point someone decided “We’ll charge them £150 more for insurance, but they won’t notice if we give them £30 of vouchers”. Hmm, I’ll just go with the lower quote thanks.

I took great pleasure in cancelling my policy with them having secured the quote I wanted.


The mosquito keeps coming round having been swiped but not hit properly with ‘The Christian Experience’ – I didn’t feel ‘The Buddhist Experience’ was the right way to go.

Have been looking at hotel reviews and can’t get over the very poor spelling. It’s hard to take an opinion seriously if they don’t know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’ or spell it ‘accomadation’.

Due to my earlier laziness in not shutting them away as soon as I had little cat I now have two cats upstairs, needing to be downstairs.

Summer sleep

I have been off school for a week now and it’s been quite a busy week. I often think I need time to recover from a year at school but haven’t really had the opportunity, which I think explains why the only two days I haven’t had to be somewhere, doing something first thing, I have fallen asleep on the sofa for a while. In part this is because I am still programmed to get up in the mornings (I never thought I would be a person who just wakes up without an alarm – though actually come to think of it, when the alarm fails and I need to get up I don’t). Age probably has a great part to play in me waking up at 8 this morning.

Of course it’s now 1am and I am still up, I’m a fool.

My first week off has been filled with once in a lifetime opportunities, so I really can’t complain. I do get a little worried when I rattle off the rest of the summer (when people ask me), and it’s over before I know it.

Do you remember me?

I have no real excuse for not being here, I look at my computer most days but do spend less time on it than I used to. In part I worry about posting about work, I don’t want to get into trouble for saying something I shouldn’t. Though actually I hope / think I am pretty careful about not being too specific.

A brief summary of the last 6 weeks –

Husband is busy
Cats are funny
School is fine
Home is great
Church continues in a mixed sort of fashion (must post something about that another time – a mini rant if you like)