Monthly Archives: May 2008



Why can’t people just vote on the merits of an individual song rather than voting for their neighbours?

When I am at school (which I won’t be for the next week – hurrah) and we do peer assessment I remind them not to just go for their friends but think about whose work is the best. Mostly they can manage it, why can’t everyone. Gah.

Take it too seriously? Me? Nah, it’s just frustrating. Anyway if we’re only going to places that didn’t shun us in the voting that means Ireland and San Marino. I reckon also the countries that aren’t in it, so that’s also Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and Slovakia, as well as the rest of the world of course!


I shouted at the radio as they read quotes from a letter the waterboard had sent to Tony Blair. Ooh, so he was late paying a bill, or in his case a minion was late paying a bill. Big deal, he paid it (I assume or they would have told us about him being put in prison etc for such things).

If that’s the best they can come up with I don’t know why anyone fought over the privacy laws for 3 years.