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“I’m an idiot”

There are times when it’s just easier to say “I’m an idiot” and hope that people take it well. I did that very thing today and fortunately it was taken well.

At one point today I did wonder about the wisdom of putting me in a room with the most annoying kid in the school (well maybe not THE most annoying but certainly very annoying) and about 20 very sharp instruments. Restraint is my middle name.

Spring Harvest

For the first time in a while I have been to Spring Harvest. I went four years in a row but my last visit was 6 years ago.

We went to Minehead which was a first for me, no closer to get to really but it is right next to the town of Minehead giving more things to go and see and do when not wanting to be in a seminar.

I suspect my approach was rather different this time to my last visits, I used to be a bit of a cliche fitting as much as I possibly could into every day, barely pausing for breath in between everything.

We arrived on Sunday late afternoon – 24 hours after most other people – the drive was very slow but not that slow, we went to a lovely wedding on the Saturday so travelled along on Sunday morning. The journey was through some very bizarre weather conditions – at one point we seriously considered stopping somewhere to then travel on the Monday, the snow was settling on the roads and didn’t show any signs of letting up, then finally we hit glorious sunshine and all was well.

My Spring Harvest Week

Day Morning Afternoon Evening Late Evening

Sunday Celebration

Monday Bible study Minehead^ Celebration Tim Vine & John Archer^
Radio 2

Tuesday Bible study Steam train^ Celebration* Conv - heaven and hell^
Radio 2 Steve Chalke Q&A^

Wednesday Bible study Cartoonists Celebration^ Tim Vine & John Archer^
Radio 2*^ chat^

Thursday Final

Key * = watched on TV in chalet
^ = stayed awake throughout

Some may notice the fact that I didn’t manage to stay awake throughout any of the morning sessions I spent in the Big Top – apart from the last one, others may be quite impressed with my quite full late evening activities – I certainly am!

Things I really enjoyed about Spring Harvest were the things I stayed awake throughout for – on the whole. I found the question and answer session on heaven and hell interesting but suspect that I had missed some other important sessions on the topic, I was really interested in what Steve Chalke had to say – he was entertaining but I also learned quite a lot.

I don’t think I ‘enjoyed’ the worship as much as I did in the past (there is a whole other debate about enjoying worship that I won’t go into). I don’t like the feeling that worship isn’t as sincere if you don’t wave your hands around – of course no one says this but the amount of songs that include words along the lines of ‘lift your hands’ may imply it. Of course there were a lot of new songs – we expect that but I really would find worship easier if I could sing something I am familiar with rather than having to concentrate on learning some thing new. (I’m not against new songs I just rather they weren’t in the majority each time)

Overall I enjoyed it and we are already thinking about going back again next year.