Monthly Archives: March 2008

Parents: teenagers lie. Deal with it.

I had a conversation with a parent the other day where this genuinely seemed news to him.

The senario – kid does something a bit naughty, I say to the kid ‘did you do something a bit naughty?’ he says ‘yes I did’ I say ‘ok well that’s naughty as a reminder not to be naughty here is a detention’. Kid goes home and asks dad to sign detention, dad says ‘what did you do wrong?’ kid says ‘I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s not fair’ dad phones me to protest and tell me that I didn’t see it and his kid is innocent, I ask why he admitted it to me when I asked him and dad realises his whole world is about to fall apart. His kid lied to him.


Which is actually better when the parent decides that there is no way in a million years their kid could possibly ever lie and so I must be a liar, and stick to that.


I don’t think I post enought about the girls (cats) they are very entertaining and just adorable to watch. Mattie is bigger than her sister Evie by quite some way. I worry that this might lead to trauma as we sometimes make fun of Mattie for her size. I wouldn’t do it if I thought she could understand me. Does that make it ok? There’s a moral question for you.

Evie is very lively and I feel I am a bit of a disappointment to her as I sometimes don’t want to play games when she does (which is pretty much all the time actually), I leave my husband to the game playing a lot of the time.

Mattie has become much more of a lap cat in recent months, she used to never come and sit on me which was disappointing but now she chooses all sorts of inopportune moments to plant herself.

I should post some photos of them. Afterall everone loves cats!

A sign of old age

When I was young very little would drag me out of bed early on a Saturday morning. Today I got up at 8am – which I grant you isn’t early to a lot of people, but I had set my alarm for 9.45. I got up because my joints ache too much. My hip hurts my back hurts and whichever way I turn I can’t get comfortable. If this doesn’t mean I am old I don’t know what does! Thankfully once I’m up and moving I’m fine.

The only blessing is that it’s a lot worse in every other bed than my own – is that a blessing?

Anyway Saturday so far has been spent surfing the internet, I should have made better use of my time, I have a tonne of marking to do and my office / second bedroom is still a complete tip, though the other day I did push everything over so it looks a bit better than before. Anyway, time for breakfast.