Monthly Archives: December 2007

Present wrapping

I should prpbably be doing some of this rather than sitting here. But you know what it’s like, any distraction and it’ll do.

If I don’t see you then I wish you a very Happy Christmas, we all know what a slacker I have become about my blog, if I don’t say it now who knows when it’ll be.

Perhaps I should be making rash New Year resolutions about the frequency of blogging, but not yet.

How can it just be two weeks away?

There is no way I am ready for Christmas – and that’s an ‘as ready as I need to be at this stage’, not an ‘I haven’t finished buying that last little present for Hector, and gosh, look there’s an envelope without a stamp on it, I must panic’

Nver mind, in two weeks time it’ll all be done!


Why is it that only some cars are fitted with indicators?

I thought they were standard issue, but having observed people, I am beginning to think they aren’t. I can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t indicate if they were going right or left at a roundabout, why wouldn’t they tell someone if it was within their power to do so?

Perhaps they do have indicators but are so un-self-assuming that they think no-one else would be interested in their movements – ‘why would anyone care about where little old me is going?’ they may think.

Perhaps it’s the opposite ‘I am so important that it doesn’t matter whether anyone else knows where I am going, they should just wait, incase I am going their way’

On the other hand, I had a friend who realised her indicator light was broken, but was taking her Granny out for a drive, and rather than panic her by doing hand signals instead she just indicated at the appropriate time, as if it was working.

In Essex there are an awful lot of Grannies being driven around in cars whose indicator light has just stopped working.