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If I am struggling to work out what to write here I may look at previous things I have written, but what I have found to be more fun (for me) is to look at some of the headings I have given entries and wonder what I could possibly have been drivelling on about.

Mustard seeds
My nose

I have no idea what the above entries were about, though when I look at most of the headings I do have quite a clue. I spend far too much time bemoaning the fact that there are many days, weeks, months to the end of the week, term, year etc. I will try to avoid it, until next week or something – got to be realistic.

An account of a wedding

It was all going swimmingly well, the boy (who needs a scribe) was dictating what he could remember about Christian weddings. He ran out of ideas, he sat thinking for a minute and came up trumps. “I know, they throw tins of rice at the bride”.

I don’t want to go to any weddings he is at, and I’m very glad he wasn’t at our wedding. It really would be quite something straight after you get married to have to avoid the tins being thrown at you.

I would like to add that this was not my pupil, but I have been given the information by a reliable source.


As I type the title I see I have written an entry previously called ‘Tidying’, this doesn’t surprise me to be honest – not because I am a very tidy person, often tidying, but more because I am a very messy person who is always needing to tidy.

I can’t say I did loads and loads but I did go through an entire box of paperwork and file it. I then tidied a bit more and found lots more paperwork that needs filing. I will try and have another go tomorrow, I do love a tidy house.


Being a teacher it is inevitable that sometimes you will upset someone. It especially goes with the sorts of topics we cover. I try to remember the different notes or emails we get sent but when you teach approximately 520 pupils a week it gets difficult. Anyway the other week I forgot, we were doing the happy subject of funera1s when, about half way through the lesson, I heard sobbing. I then remembered the note (I don’t know the kids at all yet) and thought ‘ah yes’. I went and had a quiet talk with her, asked her if she would like some time out of the room, and, when she said no she’d stay, I suggested that she didn’t look at the picture of the dead body in the coffin.

At the end of the lesson a boy stayed behind to have a quiet word with me, he had been sitting next to the upset girl. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t ‘Miss, Susan was copying loads of my work just then’

Bless him, he is the one responsible for me scaring my next class because I had such a huge grin on my face. There’s a boy with his priorities right.

Blog reaches all time low

Last month Mad Teacher plumeted in popularity – the lowest viewings since records began. People are unsure at this stage why this may be, but there are rumours going round that only doing one entry in October may have something to do with it.

Sorry about that.