Monthly Archives: September 2007

Life continues apace

Yet everything I can think of either doesn’t work through writing or may be just a bit too real!

Anyway it would appear that there are only three weeks to go until half term, so that’s a good thing.

I need a plan to exercise more. I’d quite like to join a gym – the one I used to belong to infact, however it is expensive and I don’t really think I will use it enough to justify the expense. I may buy a swiss ball.

“I can’t remember the words”

I say just after I handed over the chalice to the first person. She giggles and says “The blood of Christ”. Thankfully it’s a good friend, I stifle back the hysteria and continue round.

My husband pointed out afterwards that it doesn’t really matter what we say as different people say different things, my problem was that my mind went completely blank. I thought as I handed the cup over that it would come back to me. I suppose I could have said something like “would you like some wine?” but suspect that may not have gone down too well.


I have just spent quite a long time reading my first 3 months entries on the wiblogs – started way back in July 2002. Quite good fun, one day I should really make sure I have a hard copy of it somewhere, it would be such a shame to lose it.