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Greenbelt review

A very limited review, so if you’re looking for an indepth report on the different talks and worship it’s probably best to move along.

A genius move – making the walkway to centre of racecourse twice as wide and with lanes (I didn’t see any one go against the lanes). It really did help ease congestion. Unfortunately placing the portaloos and tap right by the entrance to the centre of the site meant that people were paddling once they had crossed the walk way, but I’m sure that will change next year.

Another genius move – the carbon neutral taxis. I only got one once (well twice sort of) I was feeling rather cold on Monday having gone down to the racecourse for Taize at 9am assuming it would eventually get hot (I wore my zippy off trousers) but was very cold so nipped back up in considerably less time than it would have taken me to walk.

I loved beer and hymns and the Iona big sing, neither of which I had gone to before.

I loved Billy Bragg, music and his talk.

Duke Special was really special.

I spent a reasonable amount of Monday crying, this started while reading the ‘forgiveness’ project in the Centaur, then I went straight into Sister Frances Dominica of Helen House, so there were plenty more tears. In the afternoon I went to her talk at the Grandstand so there were yet more tears, quite exhausting and totally amazing.

John Smith was very good and thought provoking.

The Wibmeet was great, lovely catching up with people or putting faces to names. A reasonable amount of red wine was thrown around but hopefully no lasting damage done.

The toilets on the campsite were the best I have known, so whatever happened this year that was different worked – more of that please. Water was a problem in the sense that it produces a bog in the surrounding area but I really don’t know how that could be solved. It caused some entertainment during the morning toilet queue as someone’s car got stuck and they abandoned it, I don’t know whether the bumper hanging off was related to the incident.

Food was lovely, I especially enjoyed the pizza which I had never had before, also the Bacon Barn Company did fantastic sausage, bacon and egg rolls, though sadly had run out of burgers both times I visited. My only culinary mistake came in going to the Fish and Chip place because it didn’t have a queue on the last night, there was a reason it didn’t have a queue, patience is a virtue.

I did wonder a couple of times at the wisdom of having a talk at the grandstand at the same time as loud bands were playing in the building we were sitting on, but fear the result may be to move the talks, and that would be a shame.

Finally, I hope the woman from Australia who hurt herself outside the tank is now ok.


I love Greenbelt, I think I may try to go to a few things where I can have a jolly good sing this year. You know, hymns and stuff – I don’t really see myself singing along to Billy Bragg. I still have a bit of a thing about the main Sunday service, I think it’s because I’m English, yes I know we’re all Christians together etc I just don’t really want to hold everyone’s hand and declare undying love. I have some trousers where I can zip off the bottom half and have shorts, that may mean less return journeys to the campsite – if I remember a warm top too. I quite like going to the Grandstand and just seeing what talks appear there.

Things on my MP3 player

There isn’t that much on there at the moment, it hasn’t yet become a habit to use it.

Beatles – Number Ones
Chick flick – varioius album
Alison Krauss – forget about it
Lighthouse Family – Ocean drive
John Rutter – Requiem and Choral Collection
EmmyLou Harris – Stumble into grace
Podcasts – Terry Wogan, Russel Brand, Steve Wright, the Now Show (old)

I still have 1.5gb free, rather pathetic.

Holidays – the continuation

We have been away and had a fantastic time. Thoroughly recommend staying in this country – though I do want to go abroad again – I want to go everywhere (well, nearly everywhere).

Since we returned I have been to see my parents. It had been a while. I have been rather lazy since then but did try making pasta, which I have been meaning to attempt for ages. I made it into ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, even though I halved the filling recipe and made two thirds of the pasta recipe I had a lot of left over filling so filled some cannelloni shells with the remainder, put a sauce and some cheese on the top and baked it in the oven. It all worked quite well but was very time consuming. Also the raviolli needed more than a sage butter ‘sauce’ for my liking. In order to avoid pasta overload today I made the mince I had bought for meatballs into a cottage pie. I like having the time to do a little cooking.

I really need to do house jobs tomorrow.