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Hurrah, we’re going on holiday tomorrow. Of course I shouldn’t be here typing, I should be finishing off the packing. Today wasn’t the busiest of days for migraine related reasons.

It’s a year exactly since my dad fell and broke his hip. He’s not doing too badly but does walk with a limp, it hasn’t stopped him doing stupid things though.


I feel quite sure that shouldn’t be a blog title during the Summer holidays, however that is what I spent my morning doing. I was at my desk before 9am and left it at 12.40pm. I have done a few things that needed doing and will go in again after our holiday to do some more. I have decided not to bring things home to do because I invariably ignore them. When it comes to the last two days of the holiday I finally decide to take notice of them but keep distracting myself with other things.

I have been running a marathon

And now I am staggering toward the finish line, unable to produce any sort of increase in speed for the final 100 meters.

I think when I was younger I would have been bouncing around with joy by now. I’m hoping I will feel more energetic tomorrow for going into London to see Neil and Ivonne.

Things are looking up


I spent my weekend following the Cats around with a camera. They were very tolerant but not very still. I have a lot of pictures of half cats. This is one of my favourites though, aren’t they just adorable?

And 5 days left at work.

What have I learned in the last 24 hours?

-I may complain about my form but I wouldn’t dream of getting rid of them.

-I have taught some lovely groups this year.

-Our timetable could be a lot worse.

-We only have 8 teaching days left and I only have 19 teaching lessons until the end of term (which is handy given the amount of stuff I need to have done by then).

-A girl that often drives me mad is actually not too bad some of the time (I had already been told this, but it’s good to see for myself).

Le Tour de France

I spent an unusual amount of time at the weekend looking at bike related things.

On Friday we went to the opening ceremony in Trafalgar Square, it wasn’t brilliant to be honest, perhaps if I’d had a seat and had been near the front to see everything for myself it would have been better, but I’m still glad I went.

On Saturday we went to Green Park but wandered around to Kensington Gardens to watch the Prologue time trials. Thankfully we were in the shade where we were standing. Although we started without a position at the rail people do give up after a while so it didn’t take that long to get a decent viewing position. We watched a lot of men hurtling around chasing Police on motorbikes and being chased by cars. It doesn’t seem quite fair to me. I took a couple of very lucky photos but then lost the knack so I stopped. The toilets were much better than Greenbelt (but then they hadn’t been there for long) I didn’t need to roll up my trousers for the occasion at all.

On Sunday we went to a secret location to the south of Canterbury, not really a secret but I don’t know exactly where it was. There were some other people around and it was great. Two fire engines, a police car and other non-emergency services people were there. We watched the caravane for the second day and got free stuff thrown to us again. Soon I will gather the free things together to take a photograph of them. You will be stunned and amazed by my good fortune.

The highlight of the weekend was watching 187 (or possibly 186) racers coming zooming past in a huge group. It was far too enthralling to stop looking to pick up my hat which blew off. A fantastic vision. A short while later a single rider followed and then another single rider. They got cheered too.

All in all a fabulous weekend.

I’m all cultured innit

I do apologise for the title, I think I may have been living in Essex too long.

Yesterday I went to the Hayward Gallery to see the Antony Gormley Exhibition. I must confess that I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to this sort of thing, however I did like the idea of statues around London. Once I was in I thought the exhibition was fantastic. There was one bit I found really creepy until I saw it properly, then I loved it and was really annoyed I couldn’t find a postcard of it. I loved being able to go outside and statue spot. There was a lot which was fantastic but I can’t describe it, have no photographs, so you’ll just have to go and have a look (unless you hate his work, in which case you might not like it.

I wish I was a slacker – except I am when it comes to blogging, so sorry

I have been told about days of yore when in schools all over the country now would be a time of relaxing, of joy, of laughter, of very little in the way of work going on. I am too young to have experienced this phenomenon myself – apart from the fact that in my first teaching job year 10 used to have work experience about now until the end of term (I think) so we only had 3 years in school, so that was about 310 pupils – we weren’t a very popular school. So I suppose that we were doing a lot less. Now where I am we have nearly that amount in just one year group and I rather think we would be shot if we dared relax.

I am getting round to my ‘last mark’ of the year – teaching them once a week means that I can stop about now – except that I still have a year group to go, so I can’t stop. I quite like doing things like group lists and find myself happily distracted onto that instead – oh the power.

“He must not be in the same group as him”
“That would be a disasterous combination”
“Is there any group you would dread teaching? If there is I need to make some changes because it isn’t right.”

I love it.

Meanwhile the timetable is in progress, I haven’t seen it but have heard rumours about it – apparently it is a real mess. A friend who works part time requested two days – Wednesday and Friday, she has Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Someone is teaching 49 out of 50 lessons in a fortnight*, someone else, who is also part time, is timetabled for two frees on a Thursday – that’s it – so she has to come in and possibly do a cover. The timetable isn’t finished.

*This really doesn’t happen in a Secondary School, and now, I believe, shouldn’t happen in a Primary School, we are meant to have a certain amount of time for PPA – Planning, preparation and assessment.