Monthly Archives: June 2007

It’s official, I am no longer young

Well, it may seem obvious to you lot but I had been kidding myself that I was still young. Yes, I may joke about being old, and some days feel really old, but deep down I think I thought I was still young.

Yesterday while at a conference with a bunch of strangers we were split into discussion groups – about 10 in each one. We did the usual, introduced ourselves etc and then got down to the serious subject of discussing the environment. One vicar expressed his disappointment at the lack of young people at the conference (don’t worry, at this stage I was fine with that, I am, afterall, not 18 any more). However then he pointed at a couple in our group and said “Well, you’re young of course” they shrugged, he said “I’m guessing twenties” and they kind of agreed with him. I sat there thinking, well, no, I’m not in my twenties, but actually, I’m not that far off them really. But not a second glance did I get. I don’t like that vicar.

Actually, given I have been in teaching for 11 years now I am getting to the stage where I could be teaching the first children of my first pupils (they were early starters round there). In reality I’m not as I’m not in that area any more. It doesn’t matter that I’m not though, it matters that I could be.

Goodbye year 11

Our year 11s who are just in the process of leaving are the nicest year group we have had in ages, I think the year 11s who left 4 years ago were good but since then, not so much. I also feel that there isn’t a year group in the school at the moment living up to the current year 11s. It’s a shame, I really did experiment with them because they were so nice.

What makes a year a good year? It’s just a feeling, it’s not that every child is perfect or anything like it, just that on the whole you can really enjoy the classes and they will be pleasant. Some people claim that they have been too passive but I have found them very willing to humour me when I try something new.

Thank you year 11, I wish you well.

I’m still here

Life has been pretty hectic, but I’m hoping it will calm down soon.

Workwise I’m still trying to catch up on all my marking and counting the weeks left – 5. We wait with baited breath for the timetable for next year, it’s the first time an outside agency have done it so it’s a bit of an unknown at the moment.

Homewise, I’m not there enough, and we haven’t made enough use of the light evenings, which are about to start getting shorter again. Bother.