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Advice wanted

I have a few different subjects that I would love some advice for…

1) Red eyes – the skin around them rather than the eyes themselves. My doctor told me to use E45 cream regularly, which I am doing, I think it is due to allergies and the problem gets as bad again by the end of the day despite the cream (what? allergic to cats? me? er…) Anyone heard of a better cream?

2) Martin Luther King – I need a really good lesson on him, we have looked at early events up to and including the bus boycott.

3) Any good material and activities for a workshop aimed at adults on Christian Responsibility. Considering our impact on the environment, the needs of people around the world etc

Building games and herbs

Last night I had a bit of a go at a game called ‘Ski Resort Tycoon’. I’ve never really been one to get into computer games which go on a bit. I did play ‘Theme Hospital’ for a while but then it all went horribly wrong and I couldn’t be bothered to start back at the very beginning when I had progresses so far.

I went to the the lovely garden centre on the way home today. I am very proud of myself in managing to only come away with some herb plants I had planned to get and a yellow pepper plant.

Furry Monsters

Well, one furry monster to be accurate. Evie caught a baby bird. We were watching the nest area like… erm… Hawks (sorry) and then she went running around madly and had found a baby bird in the bushes at ground level. She dashed into the house, we dashed after her. Finally she let go of the bird which fluttered into a corner and stayed there. Evie was forcibly evicted from the room while we decided what to do. Eventually, having shut the cats away we moved the chest of drawers to get at the bird, put it onto some card and carried it out of the house. I was taking it back to where Evie had found it and it flew into the undergrowth. Hopefully it is ok.

Mattie meanwhile is the innocent victim in the situation (along with the bird of course) and her time outside is strictly limited too.

Here’s a figure to cheer me up

I have just 10 lessons to go until half term. This is the result of a two week timetable unevenly balanced and a nice and early RE exam for year 11. I am hoping for a cover in that time as I will then have reached my limit of covers for the year.

I love the summer term, I can start thinking about the stuff I don’t normally have time for, like schemes of work and other general admin.


The Big Wide World

We let Mattie and Evie out for the first time this afternoon. We would have done it last weekend but it was very wet. Our garden is very small and we weren’t really sure what the reaction to being outside would be. We are tyring to avoid them going straight into the neighbours garden and using that as their litter tray.

The upshot was that Evie was investigating wildly and managed to terrorise a family of robins we have in the ivy at the bottom* of the garden. Mattie didn’t even make it half way to the end. Anyway, as we were fearing for the lives of the birds we got them both in after not a very long time. I do hope the robins need to move on soon – for their own sake.

*this word gives the wrong impression. If someone says to me something along the lines of ‘it’s at the bottom of the garden’ I would assume some distance away, or at least a reasonable distance. Our garden has more of a courtyard appearance about it.


When I was tidying the room known as the second bedroom (even though we have no facility for people to sleep in it) I found 14 notebooks all unused. Taking a 3 second glance around the room I can see another 4.

I have a problem. I am addicted to stationery. I see nice notebooks and I buy them. I see nice pens and I buy them – actually I am doing a bit better on this front, I think the six full (and by no means small) pen holders have driven the message home. When I am trying to avoid a task I will count them.

In depth analysis of cubicle usage

Please consider that I am basing my analysis on four comments (not that yours isn’t appreciated Ian, you’re simply not a woman!).

50% of people agree that they do the same as me
25% of people go for the cubicle furthest away from the door
50% of people look for locks on the door and loo roll
25% of people want space either side of them, along with toilet paper and other such luxuries
25% of people think that women go for the nearest cubicle

I conclude that my analysis is inconclusive.

Perhaps I would be better going for what I consider the most obvious cubicle, unless (as stated by others it has no lock or loo paper, or is, in some other way unpleasant.

Futher comments welcomed so I can be more precise.

Cubicle psychology

May I share?

When I go into a public toilet which has more than one cubicle I have a dilemma. Which cubicle to head for? What I generally do is almost go to the one I would most naturally go for and then change my mind and go to a different one, the last one I would ever think I would head for automatically. The thinking behind this is that everyone will go to that first cubicle so it is going to be more used, therefore by changing to a different one I am going to a potetially cleaner cubicle.

I am aware that this ‘logic’ is flawed on a number of levels-

  1. It fails to take into account other people randomly scattered in cubicles.

  2. What if everyone is the same as me and therefore we all end up in the exact same cubicle*, this means I am using the worst possible cubicle.

  3. Any one cubicle could be far less clean after just one user than it could be after many users on another occasion.

  4. Perhaps other people don’t go through the same dilemma as me when they walk into a public toilets and head straight to the one they would always feel most natural in going to, but actually I am very strange in what I would consider the most natural cubicle to head for and then end up in the most popular cubicle when aiming for the complete opposite.

Oh dear, have I just made the most cringeworthy post in the history of the internet? If I have and you have taken time to read this far, I am truly sorry, but don’t stop now, it’s nearly over.

*Not at the same time obviously

Big Cats

No, not as you may be thinking. ours. I went to see a friend last night and I think she may have become a little bit protective when I said for about the 6th time “I can’t believe how big they are” or “they’re huge”. She reassured me that her cats are quite normal for their breed and sex, and also that they hadn’t changed in a number of years.

It would appear that I have simply become very accustomed to the rather smaller stature of our furry delights. At the moment they are playing under doors while Dave tries to complete some work so is shut away on his own. Evie is rather obsessed with the movement of the cursor so doesn’t really allow him to get on.

Drowning in marking

I think that marking is the worst part of my job. When I was in the rough school it didn’t used to be – the worst bit was being sworn at on a regular basis. I used to think I’d had a good day if a kid hadn’t called me a name. Now things are different. Now I have marking. Marking is tedious and dull – how bad must that be – not just one or the other but both?

I know I am lucky to be in the school I am now in. I did not enjoy going home each day and bursting into tears at a friends house, or into the cat, that’s if I could wait that long, it sometimes happened in the staffroom, but I was in good company. So yes, I complain about the marking, and secretly I know I am lucky to be able to complain about it.

What was the point of this post? No idea.