Deanery Synod

I only have myself to blame. There were eight people standing for seven places on the PCC but no-one standing for the spare Deanery Synod place. No one wanted to be on the Deanery Synod who had been nominated for the PCC. They were handing out ballot papers to commence a process where one person would be made to feel unloved and it would take 15 minutes or something like that. At the last possible second I volunteered to do Deanery Synod. I got hearty rounds of applause. One way of gaining popularity! Anyway, I was on the Deanery Synod for something like 7 years, so I know what it’s like.

3 thoughts on “Deanery Synod

  1. You brave, kind but foolish girl! I’ve only done 4 years in total – though I am going to a deanery meeting some time soon VOLUNTARILY!!

  2. Yay,I CHOSE to stand for Deanery Synod. I’m planning to take over the Vatican next! So how awful can it be?!

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