A very exciting time!

Drum roll please…

We are proud to present our new cats – kittens really at just 6 months,

these tropical birds are amazing

wow, look up there

Evie is the tabby one and Mattie is the black and white one.

We are still getting used to their names – as indeed are they, if they are even aware of them yet. They have kept us very busy today catering to their every whim. They really are settling in very well given it has only been about 11 hours.

Warning, this blog is likely to become a bit cat-centric.

4 thoughts on “A very exciting time!

  1. Maybe you could rename the blog "Mad Cat Woman".

    They’re very cute. And glad you settled on some names that hopefully won’t offend the in-laws!

  2. oh so cute. I can remember when our Custard looked like the black and white one. Now he is big and fat (and conned me into getting a second breakfast this morning)

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