Monthly Archives: April 2007

Poor little cat

We went to the vets today and the Vet came out and called their names, I wondered if I had heard right but it was still obviously us. When we got into her room she left us alone so I had a look at the computer. Yes, I was right. Our cats had become Matty and Easy over the phone. I fear poor Evie will have a security problem. I have been told, as a teacher, that it’s important to build self-esteem so they aren’t given such names.

Deanery Synod

I only have myself to blame. There were eight people standing for seven places on the PCC but no-one standing for the spare Deanery Synod place. No one wanted to be on the Deanery Synod who had been nominated for the PCC. They were handing out ballot papers to commence a process where one person would be made to feel unloved and it would take 15 minutes or something like that. At the last possible second I volunteered to do Deanery Synod. I got hearty rounds of applause. One way of gaining popularity! Anyway, I was on the Deanery Synod for something like 7 years, so I know what it’s like.

They are just so cute!

Random thoughts.

Mattie is very good at curling up and going to sleep on laps, she also has a very loud purr. She doesn’t eat as much as Evie and is certainly smaller. They are both small, but I thought how much like grown up cats they look in photographs. Evie hasn’t yet become a lap cat but will curl up into your side very happily for a snooze. Both can go quite wild, this morning we heard a loud crash and said ‘chair?’ we were right. I worry they have an unhealthy interest in the litter tray, especially when removing erm… poo. Evie is quite obsessed with covering her ‘contribution’. I will be very glad when they are outside, then I’ll just have to deal with the neighbour being annoyed, hopefully he won’t start using a litter tray in our house though. I think we were very lucky with the cats we have got.

Latest adventures

(Of course of the cats rather than me).

They were let around some of the rest of the house this evening – that makes it sound like a mansion doesn’t it! We didn’t let them into the bedrooms but did let them upstairs and into the kitchen. They both found places to explore and then Evie settled down in the pepper plants for a nap, I don’t suppose we’ll be giving those to anyone else to eat. Mattie made it her mission to get into one of the rooms upstairs and managed to get into Dave’s office – she really is quite nippy, but I did get out of the bedroom without letting her in.

A very exciting time!

Drum roll please…

We are proud to present our new cats – kittens really at just 6 months,

these tropical birds are amazing

wow, look up there

Evie is the tabby one and Mattie is the black and white one.

We are still getting used to their names – as indeed are they, if they are even aware of them yet. They have kept us very busy today catering to their every whim. They really are settling in very well given it has only been about 11 hours.

Warning, this blog is likely to become a bit cat-centric.