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I love British Summer Time, it’s like a miracle, this time last week it was dark by now, but this week it is light, quite light, with the sun only just disappearing.

I confess that I’m not very good in the mornings, but as I get older I seem to be less bad, so it isn’t an easy change in the getting up aspect.

If I had my way we wouldn’t have the clock change in October, so wouldn’t need this change, but then that is because I’m not a farmer or someone who lives very north. Mornings are a struggle whatever time they start, I appreciate sunshine and light when I get home.


Strange Dreams

The other night I dreamt that a very old school friend of mine (we are still in touch) had just lost her thumb. I was the only one who seemed worried by this, she was left with a small spring in place of her thumb. She found the thumb up her sleeve in an ‘oh yeah’ sort of way. I was running around trying to get people moving, grabbed a tea-towel and told her to wrap her hand up, asked my mum where the nearest hospital with an A&E was and said I would drive my friend there.

We had gone about a mile when I got so out of breath that I said we should phone an ambulance because I really didn’t think I could cycle the 10 miles quickly enough to get her to the hospital (I don’t know when I changed from car to bike, but suspect it was a mistake). My friend still wasn’t really bothered and said an ambulance was totally unnecessary. I woke up.

Most bizarre.


We are planning to get another cat after Easter as we hope to be around a lot more to help settle it in. I am very excited by this and keep looking at pictures of cute little cats. We are most likely to go through the Cats Protection League, so if you have any hints or tips they would be much appreciated.

An Apology

(Well if the Independent can do it so can I)

I didn’t want to cause people undue worry over my library post. I made sure that I phoned the library to renew my books on Friday. I was informed that each item now carried a 70p fine, which I really don’t mind despite what I said in my previous post. I would also like to point out that I really don’t expect libraries to keep excessively long hours just to suit idiots like me. I don’t know if there is a shute to return books out of hours, I can’t think where they would put it as it is part of a large council building, but to be honest I wouldn’t have gone to the library at 11pm I would have just given them a call.

Library Books

They are overdue by a week now. I remembered last Saturday that they were overdue but that wasn’t really convenient as I was on my way to a friends wedding. It is now getting beyond the stage where you can just think ‘well it’s good to donate money to the library’ I have reached the ‘I can start paying for the books entirely’ why can’t the library have really long hours – like until 11pm? The stupid thing is that I was reading a library book earlier – at a time when I could have phoned them. Obviously I missed the clue of the book in my hand.

A list of things on my desk

-digital camera
-computer screen
-printer/ scanner/ copier
-‘business cards’ (bit of a ridiculous idea by someone)
-photographs of my cat
-photograph of my husband and I (in two resolutions)
-hair band
-wedding certificate
-Lighthouse family CD (no case)
-information on a synagogue
-2 buttons
-Christianity textbook
-photo printing paper
-book on green living by Janey Lee Grace
-bite stuff
-card (un-sent)
-Tesco receipts – various
-cheque book

This is only the raised bit of my desk, not the part with the keyboard and mouse. It isn’t a very big desk. I should tidy it, but not now.

I was about to be bold

and say that I was going to commit to blogging for the next 10 days, but then I realised I might not be able to blog at the weekend.

I just haven’t been very good recently, often because I turn my computer on too late in the evening.

Would you believe that I still have a covering on the cut that is now over 5 weeks old. Anyway the bit that isn’t healing was ‘burned’ last night so here’s hoping that it gets better. Apparently it can hurt a bit, but as the nerves in my thumb aren’t really functioning (cutting through them isn’t what they like apparently) it didn’t hurt much at all. I felt a bit peculiar for a while but that may have been a lack of food.

You might see me around a bit more, but I’ll still be wittering.

Gah the fear of 1st got me

I hope I didn’t worry people too much, thinking that I had been pinched and punched just a bit too much and was curled up in a corner. Unfortunately I appear to be suffering from a nasty attack of marking. The only cure is apparently to change career.