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Why is it that when one lesson goes badly – or really the children are just frustrating does it feel as though the whole day has been bad? I have taken refuge in retail therapy and bought myself a very comfortable feeling pair of shoes that also look quite nice, in that they have a butterfly type thing on them. I also bought a pair of pyjamas, can any one tell I was looking for cosiness?

Time flies

Except it also seems to drag too. It’s a week since I last blogged. Lots of things have been happening which I can’t tell you about because it’s work. I don’t know why I call this blog ‘Mad Teacher’ cos I never write about it for fear of being tracked down.

I did have one interesting conversation with a student who thought that because the Catholic Church doesn’t like medical interference in the ‘getting pregnant’ process it would be ok for the man to sleep with a woman offering to be a surrogate mother. I did point out the teaching of the Catholic Church on adultery.

Anyway, what else?

I was ill over the weekend, which was really annoying as we were going to go into London for the Gambit memorial meet. I didn’t want to miss it but given it was a real effort to get upstairs to bed in the afternoon I really couldn’t have made it.

I keep meaning to get in touch with friends and only remembering at the wrong sort of time. Hello friends, sorry I haven’t been in touch, Happy New Year etc.

I haven’t phoned my parents who will no doubt point out that I haven’t phoned for ages, I will then point out that they could phone me.

I phoned up the people who I play badminton with to make apologies for this evening (weekend remnants) and was very surprised when another friend answered the phone, but it made sense really as it was her number I had phoned by mistake.

I sorted out three big bags of clothes for the charity shop.


Today I put approximately one third of our wedding pictures into an album. They filled it, which is ok because we bought three of them anyway. Do you think 5 months and 10 days is too long to have waited to start this task? Stictly speaking I started it about 10 days ago – so only 5 months to starting. Now we’ll have to see how long it takes to finish the job.

Ooh, I have pictures up in the second bedroom, not all of them yet, but only because some of them aren’t finished – photograph wise.

I can also see most of the floor. Progress indeed (though basically that happened last weekend).

Getting Locked Up

I have a colleague who locked another colleage in a cupboard a while ago. Apparently it was pure accident – he walked passed the door and saw it unlocked and decided to turn the key. Meanwhile, during a rather important event I was thinking how poor it was that the other colleague had left me on my own to deal with everything. I was really cross 15 mins later, then got rather a shock when I unlocked my cupboard to find her sitting in there waiting. She wasn’t very happy about this (not me unlocking the cupboard you underdstand).

More recently the ‘locking up’ colleague managed to lock himself in somewhere, only able to escape by climbing out of the window and falling over as he landed. Sadly there appeared to be no one who actually witnessed the event, but I have told lots of people.


No, not actually making resolutions here, we’ve just been doing some planning and organising and the first three months have quite a lot going on.

Gambit Memorial Meet
Hen party
Half Term
1 year since Dave and I got engaged
Lunch with friends who moved away last year
Dave’s birthday
Choral Workshop with Bob Chilcott, who was fantastic when I went 5 years ago
Wedding of a friend
Concert in Bournemouth

I’m really looking forward to 2007


I have a big list of activities I made some time ago. I found it when pushing a pile of papers into a big box ready for sorting (in the second bedroom!). I started one of these activities this evening which is putting wedding photos into an album. It’s quite a slow process, only loads more to go though.

Ah, missed my midnight deadline, but did sleep for 1 1/2 hours when I got home this afternoon.


All over the world there will be people blogging about their New Year Resolutions, unless they aren’t of course.

I have taken the odd moment to ponder what I should be aiming for in 2007 and couldn’t really come up with anything specific. 2006 was a big year, we got engaged, we got married, we moved in together (so conventional I know), and actually this year I am just looking forward to us being together as husband and wife.

Yes, yes I probably should be muttering about things like fitness – ooh, get Dave to start playing badminton with me (that could take my weekly count up to 3 times) or perhaps squash – that is somthing that is bound to fail so if anyone needs a squash partner around here and doesn’t mind that sometimes I just can’t seem to be bothered to move, at other times can’t stop myself from laughing a lot, and at others like to play quite seriously (playing well would have been a lie) then let me know.

Or I could mutter about improving myself – a few years ago I made a resolution to take singing lessons, and I did – for over 2 years, and while I would quite like to learn to play an instument I don’t think now is the right time to try and learn so I won’t make that a resolution.

I could make great statements about my job, but actually it’s ok, I don’t want a more important role, the school is fine and it’s a good distance from home (not to far, not too near).

OK, there is something that has to be a resolution, a statement of will, a must. That is the *l***y second bedroom, which I am currently sitting in. It’s a tip, it’s meant to be a room we could use for guests and it also has my computer and books in it. It is shameful in it’s messiness.

Even if I can’t drag Dave onto the badminton court with me, the second bedroom is unavoidable.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, my Resolution of 2007 is…

Nope, I can’t do it, I hate resoultions, they are bound in their very nature to fail.