Monthly Archives: December 2006

My Nose

Yesterday, while pondering life, I took my hand (flat) and brought it down my face in as straight a line as possible from my forehead to my chin. There wasn’t any thought that went into the action, it just happened while I was standing in the kitchen. Once I had done this I though ‘ow, why did I do that?’ and everytime I have had to move my nose in any way I have thought ‘ow, why did I do that?’ I know that it is only temporary and nothing is broken etc but it does feel rather tender.

My advice to all you thousands out there is not to do the same thing. Unless of course I have a particularly unusual nose. When I was young my brothers were often flattening my nose and saying I had been run over by a steam roller, I don’t know if that is relevant in this situation.


I am just so tired. Please don’t look at the time I am posting this and make the link from ‘she stays up late’ to ‘of course she’s tired’ – really.

Perhaps I am getting old, I used to be able to cope with late nights and early mornings – of course in those days I invariably dozed in the bath in the early evening.

Anyway, only 4 more teaching days before Christmas, then when we go back after Christmas the days will slowly start getting longer, at which point I’ll start feeling more lively.

Mmm food

We went round to a friends house for a meal the other night, before another friend went into hospital today for a replacement knee operation.

The meal was lovely, the main course was beef wellington and just so delicious. Great fun was had by all. We’re going to visit our friend tomorrow if that is allowed. Although she reckons she could get in whatever, as long as they know she’s a vicar, perhaps I am a trainee?

The best of intentions

We went Christmas shopping on Thursday – had planned to go for a few days so it wasn’t a shock or anything. I hadn’t really got specific presents in mind for people but felt that when I was there I would see things I felt were right.


This proved not to be the case. I bought the grand total of ONE present in the whole evening.



Anyway I decided I’d better try again today and was a lot more successful. Perhaps it helps that I wasn’t totally worn out from a day at school.

So I finally feel like I have started my Christmas shopping, so even though I am surrounded by people who have finished and wrapped theirs, I feel much better.

Sat Nav is of the devil – or – use your brain

I couldn’t believe my ears when I was driving around this evening – or more accurately, on the way to badminton to play energetically but fall very ungracefully on my bottom (in slow motion I think).

BBC delivered the news that an Essex ambulance ended up going 200 miles in the wrong direction because their Sat Nav was faulty. ‘Hmmm that must be a long journey’ I think to myself. Then I realise they were meant to be completing a journey of 12 miles. I don’t care what excuse they give about the Satallite Navigation system in the ambulance being faulty, there comes a time where a person has to be responsible for their own actions. Driving to Manchester when aiming for a town 12 miles away is not acceptable (unless you live 12 – perhaps 20 miles away from Manchester).

Use your brain.

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