Monthly Archives: November 2006

I will be so glad when term ends

I typed in the letter ‘I’ into the title bar and a number of things I had written starting with I appeared before me. I decided to choose one of them and this felt the most appropriate.

Except with the end of term comes Christmas, so I’ll have to start thinking about that soon. What presents to buy, what to do, where to go etc. I have friends that have finished their shopping and wrapped most of it (probably all of it by now – she started it a ocuple of weeks ago). I think people like that should be made to start someone else’s Christmas shopping.

I broke the law

Is this the place to confess?

I was in a car park yoday and I drove against an arrow.


I just don’t do things like this, it’s a real pet hate of mine. I suspect there are people around here swearing about me.


Sort your signs out. If you tell people you have a Saturday park and ride don’t just put one sign for it, give people another clue as to it’s whereabouts. Just because you know where it is doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. Perhaps you don’t really want people knowing where pard and ride is? Perhaps you would prefer people to drive into the centre and struggle parking? How stupid.

Feeling better

Having felt ill for over a week it was really nice to finally feel so much better. I started doing jobs around the house again (I’m sure Dave was relieved about that, though he was very good) and my full day teaching was not a problem. Hurrah.

The downside is that now I am fit enough to spend some money, I have been demonstrating that yesterday and today. I did think the shop assistant was a bit weird when I asked if I could try on the jumpers I was holding and her response was ‘if you want’

‘of course I want, you stupid woman, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking.’*

It was only a bit later when someone came in and said ‘how are you getting on? It’s just that we’re closed’ that all became clear.

*thought not said

Hercule Poirot weekend

I sometimes wonder if I am a little addicted to murder programmes. I don’t like horror though.

Anyway with getting freeview my access to murder mysteries has increased tenfold. My current take on things-

Sherlock Holmes (he seems to be out of favour with ITV3 at the moment),
Hercule Poirot – I’m amazed at how many I missed first time round
Miss Marple – never see her anywhere
Midsomer Murders – a dangerous place to live
A Touch of Frost – bimbling idiot
Inspector Wexford – bit dull but ok
Inspector Morse – I never watched these first time round and have had to resort to DVD, come on ITV3 get them on!

Anyway, being ill was the perfect excuse to waste time watching as much Poirot as I could stand (anything I hadn’t already seen).