Monthly Archives: October 2006

Plans for Tuesday evening

I hate being at home on halloween. I don’t like answering the door at all that evening though I will have to once as people are coming to collect me to go out for a meal.

I dread to think how old people must feel if I feel like this. Can’t we just ban it – especially the teenagers.

My question is, what do I do until my friends come to pick me up – at about 7.30 – cos there are bound to be loads of people before that too.

Highlight of church

Small child comes back from Sunday School into the service and sits down next to his mum. Mum asks – as mums seem to have to – “What’s this about?” while looking at whatever the child has brought back with him.

Small child responds in a weary tone “God, everything’s God, God, God.”

Oh to be so young and so cynical.

I was personally relieved that this happened after I had done the intercessions as I was left with the giggles.


Right now I should be writing intercessions for the morning. Instead I am surfing the internet and falling about with laughter at Little Red Boat getting her legs waxed for the first time (23 and 24 October if you’re interested). Very entertaining but I’m glad I’ve already gone down the waxing route because otherwise I don’t think I’d be starting now.

Ooh, Church an hour later tomorrow.
Boo, Dark an hour earlier tomorrow.

A Highlight of my day

Every so often a woman comes into work. We all notice her as soon as she is anywhere in our line of vision – even if some distance away. Today she was wearing a really, really bright green coloured suit. Her hair is dyed an orangey red colour and her make-up is designed to keep up with both. To finish off the outfit she had a lime-green plastic handbag which clashed perfectly with her shiny (did I mention it was shiny) suit.

Anyway it is a real treat to see people notice her and watch their faces. You see expressions of sheer horror, unbelief and a more gentle sort of puzzlement that anyone would do this to themselves. It gave me an entertaining few minutes.

PS She has told a number of people that she dyes her underwear to match her outfits, thankfully I am unable to confirm or deny this.

Google searches

I seem to get quite a lot of searches about teaching (funnily enough), however today two have stood out-

-How to make orkney cheese


-Mary Ellis 119

The first puzzles me quite a lot. The searcher had gone through about 12 pages of results before getting to this snippet “No, whatever you do, don’t move to Orkney, it is the worst possible thing … Anyway I had decided to have a four cheese pizza and was toying with the idea …” Why on earth would that make you click on the link, given your original question?

The second – did they go home and google it having seen it on the gravestong, or did they read about it elsewhere on the web and do more searching?