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A virgin of virtuos courage

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I have a number of questions about Mary Ellis.

1) Does one have to be couragous to be a virgin?
2) Can someone who dies at 119 really have a very promising hope?
3) If her parents are still of this parish how old must they have been?
4) Did they know or simply assume the virgin and virtuous bit?
5) Does 119 make her the oldeest Briton to have ever lived? (According to wikipedia it does.


We went out last night, we wanted to go somewhere we could get to on the train. We got out and found lots of things, we wandered around for a while then went to a pub. When we had had a drink we went to find food – which we did successfully, though we did have to return to the pub to have another drink and wait for a table.

Anyway I had decided to have a four cheese pizza and was toying with the idea of having chicken on it. When it came to the ordering time I decided that I would have it as it was, but then rather spookily the waiter said ‘would you like chicken on that?’ At which point I said I would (I’m very easily persuaded you know). My question to the assembled throng is… if we assume that the waiter likes to encourage extra toppings to make money… why, of all the possible toppings available, did he suggest chicken?


This year I have avoided showing the video that shows a circumcision on an eight day old baby. This is because I no longer wish to be frightened by the old man with very shakey hands. I always expect him to make a snip too far. Given my reaction to the clip I’m not suprised at the hysteria shown by the boys.

So this year I am being kind.

A book review

Is it permissible to review a book before you have finished reading it?

I am reading ‘Freakonomics’ by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

It’s the sort of book I bought because Dave was interested in it, I would probably have ignored it. Anyway I started reading it ages ago, then put it down. Now I am reading it again and remembering how much I enjoyed it when I first started reading it – why did I stop?

It carries a secondary heading of ‘A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything’ so far they have looked at cheating in many different forms, discrimination and misusing knowledge. I don’t know that I agree with everything, though a lot does ring true. It is written in a very accessible, entertaining way.

You may like to look at the blog.

Anyone seen…

My passport?
Voucher from Tesco so Dave can get his magazine?
The rest of the stuff that I don’t know I have lost yet, but will at some stage realise and then get rather frustrated that I can’t find it.

Little people, thanks to the cartoon blog for pointing me in the direction – they are fabulous.


Stupidly I ran the bath assuming I could do my usual of putting cold in at the same time as hot. Now I have half a lukewarm bath waiting while the hot water actually becomes hot water.

Imperfectly Natural Woman

Janey Lee Grace has written a book by that title. I went to a seminar at Greenbelt of the same title. I bought the book. The book sits by my computer. When I turn my computer on I pick up the book and read bits of it. The thing is, I realise how ‘un-natural’ my life is, and how there are some things I would really rather stay that way. I want to get to eating more organic foods and I’m interested in getting a light box. However I don’t want to explore making my own ‘Feminine Care’ really, no. Ever.

The bears

Three bears live here.

We have Big Bear who was given to me by a couple of girls in my form when I left my last school (they were a fantastic form and Big Bear reminds me of all of them, the only problem is he reminds of what a form can be rather than my form – who are good so far this year). Big Bear is currently sprawled across some stuff wearing a Greenbelt wrist band tied on with string because his wrists are quite big.

We have Middle Bear, Dave bought some raffle tickets in a charity shop once, as you do when someone asks nicely. They phoned him to tell him he had won a couple of prizes. One he had no problem with passing on immediately (Nick Faldo fragrance I seem to remember) the other was Middle Bear, Dave described him as a bear with rather large feet, we couldn’t have given him away. He is currently sleeping under the computer screen.

The final bear we have is Little Bear, given to me as a Christmas present, he started out as a key ring but has been released from chains. He is the one that gets to go places a lot, he even went on honeymoon (is that appropriate?). Little Bear is wearing a very small Greenbelt wristband, made for him on site using scissors and sellotape. He is currently sitting on a cheque for £200 that I need to pay in to the bank.

I hope you liked reading about our bears.

The new term

So far…

Classes generally quiet and well behaved (apart from one I taught today who were far too chatty), there are times when I ask them to chat more – as long as it’s about the work and then it’s quite difficult if they are being so quiet.

No rudeness yet – oh apart from one overheard pupil who wasn’t exactly flattering about me.

I do have a late form member – but at least he was on time the first day. Punctuality is so over-rated.

Uniform is really bad already.

I am shattered but quite mellow (that bit won’t last long).