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I was about to write my entry describing Greenbelt 2006 when I thought I would read what I wrote last year. Then I read 2004, 2003 and 2002. I realised how much my life has changed since I started blogging in 2002. I changed schools, I moved house, friends moved away, friends moved near (well became friends once they had moved) and I got married. I also no longer hate my job and am not dreading it on Monday (I noticed my particular dislike early September 2002. I can’t say I’m jumping up and down with joy at the prospect of work but it’s good not to feel I hate my job.

Of course you should buy Dave’s book, make him a millionaire and then I can retire and do some admin for him, that would be better. And the book is excellent so you don’t even have to buy it just so I can retire 🙂

Wedding and Greenbelt

Thank you all for your responses. We will try to put some photos up so you can see the purple dress with yellow accessories I chose – it co-ordiated beautifully with Dave’s luminous orange and pink suit. People said it was most unusual, which can only be a compliment surely?

We are off again in the morning but will hopefully see a few people at Greenbelt – do say hello if you see us (if I appear not to notice people please don’t take it personally – I seem to be a bit vague at the moment, I blame relaxing after a busy time).

We’re married!

My brother asked Dave what married life was like. So far just one long holiday.

It was a wonderful day. I could probably go on for some hours about it. Perhaps instead I’ll just take questions!

Just to let you know about Dad though. Unfortunately he had a fall in the hospital so his release was put back (he was due to come out the day before the wedding). However they did let him out for the day and we were all very glad that he was there (he even managed to stand, propped up between mum and I, for some photos – he really didn’t want to be sitting in the wheelchair for them). The end result was that he waited at the front, in giving away position, and mum walked me down the aisle. It worked out really well. Dad has just had a second operation on his hip – probably putting right things that were knocked out by his second fall but we don’t really know. I really hope this works well. Once again prayers are appreciated for him.

WISE gift

I’m so sorry tractor girl, I received my WISE parcel a bit ago but because life has been hectic I didn’t post about it. The book is “My legendary girlfriend” by Mike Gayle. I think I read another of his a while ago and it looks like it will fit my request perfectly (something along the lines of ‘light reading’ depending on how polite I was being at the time!).

So once again, thank you tractor girl and I’m sorry it took me so long to post about it.