Monthly Archives: July 2006

Progress report

Dad is getting on ok, he is rather grumpy and not sleeping very well (apparently hospitals aren’t very restful places), anyway the important thing is that he is ok. We are waiting to see what we will do for the wedding itself but we are certain he won’t be walking me down the aisle.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, they really are appreciated.

My Dad

I love my Dad, I don’t often tell him that, normally by card when it’s appropriate.

Today he had an accident. He is in hospital but should be ok.

He is a terrible patient.

Please pray for my Dad, my Mum, my whole family, me and Dave and the hospital staff.

He was saying sorry because of the timing (a week and a bit to the wedding).

Time wasting

I’m not really sure that it was the best use of my time today when, while clearing away boxes that Dave dumped so I couldn’t help but deal with them, I spent at least an hour reminiscing about things such as my teaching practice and my first proper teaching job. I found planners, worksheets, schemes of work, trip planning details and in all it gave me some happy thoughts.

Of course, the room is now still a mess as I didn’t complete my tidying.

Sad but true

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

I really feel I should have things to blog about. My life is very busy and my wedding is approaching quickly. Unfortunately I have the sort of brain that doesn’t retain things to blog about. I have fleeting moments of what I should blog then it goes again.

Grand Designs

While eating my lunch one programme of Grand Designs finished and they announced the next programme with words along the lines of ‘and next Grand Designs goes to Surrey’ my immediate thought was ‘oh, that’ll be the huf house’ it crossed my mind that I may have seen to many repeats of these programmes.

Now the excitement really begins

People have been asking whether everything is sorted out, whether I am excited and all that sort of thing. My response has always been, yes, I am excited, no, I haven’t got everything sorted out, but when I finish term there will be 2 weeks left and I will really concentrate on wedding stuff then.

Now I have time and we can make wedding the focus. Apart from the fact that we have to get Dave moved in of course. Just a minor thing.

La la la la la

2 days left, hurrah.

I admit I was rather crotchety today in the heat. At one point I think I was rather more crotchety than I realised because the children worked silently for the rest of the lesson even though I hadn’t asked them to. Now to do my best to end the term on a positive note with all the pupils – they are meant to be called ‘learners’ now, apparently. Stupid.

In less than three weeks…

Ooh, exciting stuff.

We only have a lot left to do. Should be fine.

Anyway, we can’t be too worried as we took time out for a mini weekend away. It was lovely, we went to a friends birthday / engagement party and today I took Dave to my old church. It has changed a lot in some ways but there are still faces I recognise. I loved my time there and it was great to go back. Also rather different going out for lunch and eating in such pleasant surroundings. There are pleasant places round here but it’s rather different.

One week to go

End of school year is always such a joy. When I was in my really rough school a few years ago I would have known exactly how many hours of teaching I had left. It must be a sign that I am in a better school know that I don’t really know. Also I know that although I have a lot to do, my lessons won’t be too bad.

Away for a little weekend type thing tomorrow – which is nice, good to have a break.

Happy Birthday to Kate.