Monthly Archives: May 2006

It’s half term


I’m glad to say goodbye to the traumas of last week (workwise) and now look forward to a week mostly dedicated to wedding plans. We have a list of things to do on the fridge, but it’s been there so long we are no longer really noticing it. It’s tempting to re-write it with the things left to do, except then it will seem like we have made no progress at all because nothing will be crossed out.


Thanks to Jack the Lass for this!

You Are the Swedish Chef

“Bork! Bork! Bork!”
Your happy and energetic – with borderline manic tendencies.
No one really gets you. And frankly, you don’t even get you.
But, you sure can whip up a great chocolate mousse


Well the broadband seems to be working now, long may it continue.

I have been feeling sorry for myself all day due to snottiness and a general stuffed upness. Still, only one week to go to half term. I have a load of things I need to do during half term related to the wedding but haven’t really sat down and thought what and when.

I was reading The Dilbert Blog today and wondered whether or what we should be doing. It certainly won’t involve something too expensive, or too time consuming. Any ideas?


BT Broadband. Why, oh why didn’t I listen when Liz told her woes to all and sundry? I am indeed an ignoramous. I have been without internet since Monday, partly because they only delivered the stuff they assured me would arrive Monday only arrived on Wednesday. And now laregely because it just doesn’t work. Dave has made numerous calls to the helpline and finally they have said it is a fault on the line and they will pass it on to Level 2. This will take a few days. Apparently I can draw great comfort from the fact that they won’t charge me while it isn’t working. Well HURRAH they aren’t charging me for something I’m not getting. Genius, that really does make me feel loads better.

I washed my car!

Now for some people that is equivalent to ‘I hoovered today’ or ‘I changed the bed clothes’ perhaps even ‘I prepared lunch’. I think the last time I actually washed my car was when I was living in a different house and driving a different car. So quite a while then.

I think a whole herd of birds* hovered overhead and released – so to speak. This is what drove me to such action.

Anyway, it was a nice day, and my car is looking reasonably shiny – I don’t own anything like the enormous sponges people use, or chaois leather so the job isn’t perfect.

The question is – How do I stop birds repeating the process?

*yes, of course I know it isn’t the correct term, but it’s much better isn’t it.

Moments of brilliance

Swiftly followed by moments of incompetence.

There were a few things at work today which I did, that caused me to think – wow, I’m really rather good. When I came home I bimbled around for a while doing various things. Went to the kitchen, put the oven gloves on, opened the oven and… no food. After a few moments of confusion I realised that my journey to the kitchen was to put the food into the oven.

All things Wedding

It seems to be how I spend my non-working time at the moment.

Just searched for printable place cards, which is possibly not a priority given all the other things that aren’t done yet.

Did you know that some bridesmaids dresses are on a 4 month order? That’s longer than my wedding dress is taking.