Monthly Archives: April 2006


I was going to spare you the details but thought that perhaps you should learn from my experiences – is that possible? If you are particularly squeamish perhaps you should look away now.

I have been having parts of my body waxed for quite a while now – you know – going somewhere where someone knows what they are doing. Parting with money.

A friend who is very wise has recently told me two things.

1) get your underarm waxed, you won’t believe the difference it makes
2) you can buy the kit yourself – wax, strips etc and it saves money.

Today various things occured. I telephoned the people I have recently started going to for waxing (they are much cheaper and closer to home than my old place) they couldn’t fit me in until next Thursday so I booked my appointment for the removal of body hair from various locations. I then worried about my underarms – I had been ‘growing’ the hair especially and the thought of not doing anything about it for another week disturbed me somewhat. I then telephoned my old place and they could fit me in for underarm but nothing else this afternoon. I went for it.

I distinctly remember my wise friend telling me about the initial sting which fades away very quickly. In my opinion a sting which lasts 8 hours isn’t fading away quickly – it better be worth it otherwise I will have to go and tell her jokes next week.

Anyway I headed into town and other wise words floated into my head. You can get the kit for home waxing from the shopping centre. My rather hairy legs sprung to mind also. What a great idea, I can do them myself, that way they are done today AND I save money.

I went to the shop and the woman who now becomes Chief Wise Woman said, hmmm well what about the strips you can buy from Superdrug? Why didn’t I listen to her? Why? She worked there, she surely wouldn’t put me off without a good reason? Sadly I persisted and bought required equipment.

I shut myself in the bathroom with the heated wax (didn’t want a rather furry cat coming in as I didn’t fancy trying to wax her too). I had heated the wax in the microwave, it was just about warm enough for the first minute but I didn’t fancy given myself huge burns so had been cautious in my heating of the wax. Initial results were… patchy. I finally gave up and went a reheated the wax, this time I had plently of pondering time as it was burn-hot. Finally once it was cool enough I continued. The final result was one very sticky Maddie and a very sticky tray. Thankfully I had bought the wax which can wash away. I spent quite some time washing my hands and legs until only small areas turned deep blue when I put my jeans on.

I decided I really wasn’t happy with the result, felt slightly embarressed to be going to a professional with the shoddy example of workmanship I displayed, and wanted to do something about it. The pre-done strips suddenly sprung to mind so I dashed to Tesco, making sure I picked a brand well known for its hair removal. I returned home, rolled up a jeans leg and ‘filled in the gaps’ in terms of taking something away. Is it possible to take something away and still fill in gaps? It was very quick, a little sticky but fairly satisfying.

When the hair grows back enough I will definitely go and pay to have it all done professionally.

I’ve only been back 3 days

It already feels like I haven’t had a holiday in ages. I am so looking forward to losing the year 11 lessons. Quite why I should almost have to bully work out of them I don’t know. It’s not like it’s going to be my embarrassing certificate which says I can’t be bothered if it isn’t my favourite thing. Perhaps they will only stack shelves if they like to eat the product?

There are a million things I have to do already this term, the pile seems to grow, my desk gets more and more buried in paper, I lose things, other people moan, I apologise.

I had a dream

About staying up and marking books nearly all night, then at 7.15am a child knocked on my door, which woke me up and I dashed down stairs and he handed me his exercise book.

This tells me that the pile of marking I have is playing heavily on my mind and I really should do some today before I go away for a few days to visit friends. Perhaps I’ll do a couple of hours.

Look at the time

When I’m at work I drag myself out of bed, reluctantly, around 7.30am, today I woke up at 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Why is that?

Actually I suspect it’s because there is too much going on in my head. Wedding stuff galore. Dress has been found and ordered – major relief. Spoke to a photographer yesterday. Going to look at Church and Hall today. Mum said she’s found a caterer – but can she cook? Found a printer to do invites. Other things to worry about include evening entertainment, transport around the place, envelopes, design invites to get printer to print, directions, accommodation etc