Monthly Archives: March 2006

So sad

One more getting up – as one person describes them.

Things I won’t miss in the next fortnight
-getting up early
-dealing with 30 kids first thing
-running around like a maniac trying to do ten jobs at once*
-realising how little I have taught anyone when I mark tests#
-walking around telling people to sort their clothes out^

*actually given wedding planning this may not go away
#with the amount I still have to mark this is still going to happen – but I won’t care
^hey, this is just fun whatever

Ditch Monkey

I have had the blog for Ditch Monkey on my links for some time but it was only today that I started really reading it. I have now spent quite a lot of time reading from the beginning, though I still have October to present to finish. If you haven’t heard about him Ditch Monkey is living in the woods for a year – or as much of the year as he can stand in order to raise money for The Woodland Trust as well as proving he can live a simple life. He says he hopes that by doing this it might make people consider their own actions, not that he wants us all to go and live in the woods, just that we should think about and act on things like recycling, buying vegetables without packaging, turning things off etc.

It’s absolutely fascinating, what drew me in was his recent post about feeling that Spring has finally arrived, I have spent a Winter complaining of being cold while in my house. Hmmm


Tonight I got my haircut, I don’t do this very frequently, the style of my hair means I don’t have to worry too much. I tried a different place, the cutting was fine, the drying was torture, hair being pulled, yanked, generally mishandled. Then she swapped with someone, all was well, gentle, thoughtful movements, an apology when she pulled on my hair – actually causing a lot less pain than had been normal for the other person. Then she got the straighteners out – the only time I ever have my hair straightened is at the hairdressers as I would never be bothered and I don’t want that sort of heat on my hair regularly. All is well until “OUCH”* shocked look on my face as I touch my head, staring in bewilderment at the girl. I was burnt. She stared at me not knowing what to do, I stared at her not knowing what to do. She apologised and carried on using the straighteners I no longer trusted. I wanted to flinch every time she put them near me. I speeded things along and made a hurried exit.

My head has only just stopping hurting – I had a PCC meeting where I kept touching the spot where I was burnt, thinking ow*

I didn’t make a complaint, does this make me stupidly British? What would you have done? I certainly won’t be having another haircut there.

*may not be quite the word I uttered / thought


And where and when not to do it.

I think we should ban all snogging at school – unless it’s the caretaker in the privacy of his own home.

Snogging is everywhere, I have had enough of walking down corridors past kids attached to each other by the mouth, of finding that the reason kids are late to lessons is because they have been snogging their boy/girl friends in between lessons, because clearly they can’t go two hours without seeing each other. Surely they should have the decency to hide out while snogging? Find a bike shed and hide behind it.

Ban all* snogging that’s what I say.

*obviously not all – infact only in school, to save teachers stomachs.

An insight into my mind

… my garden gate squeaks in the wind. I wonder if it annoys any of my neighbours, they probably aren’t close enough to worry, I only hear it when I’m on the computer. Still, should oil it really…

… Commonwealth Games at the moment, shame it’s in the wrong time zone, but it could be worse, at least I get the extra channels. I wonder if my chances of a medal are out …

… should really find a Lidl, poor cat is favouring their food at the moment. Must keep combing her …

… need to get a decent night’s sleep…

Wedding Guides

We have bought a couple of books as we don’t really know what we’re doing. One doesn’t get married every day of the week after all. While it is all very well being given numerous lists to fill in and a gazillion things to do this is a lot more fun to read, I must be going at the thing from the wrong perspective as I agree with most of it.

If I had something interesting to say…

This window would probably not have been open for the last half an hour, remaining blank. It is at times like this I realise how very boring I am. I haven’t done anything interesting, I haven’t had any interesting thoughts, I haven’t met any interesting people.

I am feeling better at least, now I need a weekend with a bit of fun, something to cheer me up, although I will probably ruin any chances of that by sleeping too much.

Something good is that it’s Fairtrade Fortnight, we’re giving away some chocolate after the service on Sunday, must remember to go!