Monthly Archives: February 2006

Badminton Racquets Updated

I have bought a new one! We went to Racquet link as recommended by a friend. They were marvellous, very knowledgeable and understanding of your needs. The best bit was the room out the back where you could go and swoosh around potential new racquets, hitting shuttlecocks hard so they went through the net and bounced off the wall. It was much more useful than trying to work out whether a racquet with a big piece of card attached would be something that suited. Having made the decision they very helpfully put a new grip on my old racquet so now I have two workable racquets, the only shame is that I won’t be playing badminton this week as I am going to be away for a couple of days.

I am so hard done by

I want an interactive whiteboard (SMART board) they look like such fun, not that the kids would get to play on it for a while – the novelty would have to wear off first. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy one and being the subject I am will have to wait until every other subject in the whole school has enough for each classroom, plus a few spares before I will be considered, and then rejected. Basically ignorance is bliss, they should never have made me play with them, then I wouldn’t have cared whether I had one or not.

We were fantastic!

Well, not bad anyway. My singing group did a little concert to a little audience, but everyone stayed awake until the end, which is high praise indeed. We have quite a varied range of songs and I really enjoy a lot of them, I think my highlights were ‘Irish Blessing’, ‘The way we were’, ‘Brother James’s air’ and ‘The teddy bears’ picnic’. Anyway they have asked us to return next year, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Badminton Racquets

I am an expert on badminton racquets, well, my badminton racquet anyway. I have owned it for about 8 years and have used it for approximately 21 days, which doesn’t sound like much but works out at about 1 and a third hours per week, on average. I think this is right, my calculations are based on playing badminton once a week for 8 years and a second time in a week for about 5 years, but you have to allow for holidays and when I am simply being a slacker (I’m only a slacker on Fridays by the way – never on a Wednesday). It is also in my car when I am not using it, so I think that by being in reasonably close proximity to it, that must have had an effect. Anyway, the point of all this is simply to demonstrate that I know my badminton racquet quite well.

For the last two or three years I have lamented that I really needed to get a new grip as it is wearing away in places. For the last year I have fiddled with the piece of loose tape around the top of the handle as it has been coming off for that amount of time. I ponder the lost paintwork around the top, I wonder why I have never managed to break a string even though I wack the shuttlecock quite hard reasonably often, I marvell at the later design which doesn’t have a separate join at the top of the neck of the racquet, before this one my old racquets had always had that join. It’s a wonder I play any badminton at all really with all this contemplation.

Anyway, the point of the actual entry (I think we’re getting there) is to say my racquet really surprised me on Wednesday, I was mid shot when my racquet did something, I didn’t know what but managed to return the shuttle. Unfortunately I couldn’t contain my curiosity long enough to return the next shot as I simply had to look at the racquet. It turned out that the bit just above the handle that ensures it goes smoothly to the shaft had come away and zoomed towards the head of the racquet, the tape had flown off and landed a pathetically short distance away and we had lost the point.

I could just buy some new tape, a new grip perhaps, but I think I might want a new racquet – do you think I have earned it yet?