Monthly Archives: December 2005

Progress update

Maddie Cat
Wasjig – getting there Sleep by radiator right now
Cook real food – planned Sleep on Maddie’s lap – ongoing
Shopping with mum – done Ask for treats – never finished
Watch too much tv – definitely Ask for door to be opened to avoid cat flap – always
Sleep – oh yes Come in through cat flap – sigh, yes
Read books – ongoing Ask for more treats – persisting
Give cat treats – on demand Ask for food – when I can’t get treats
Try to do basic html – still got gap Sleep more – I’m an expert

Wiblog entry for 28/12/2005

Having had a lovely Christmas I find myself with a few days to myself (Dave has gone to visit his parents). This means I have time to do things…

Ways to fill time

Maddie Cat
Wasjig Sleep by radiator
Cook real food Sleep on Maddie’s lap
Shopping with mum Ask for treats
Watch too much tv Ask for door to be opened to avoid cat flap
Sleep Come in through cat flap
Read books Ask for more treats
Give cat treats Ask for food
Try to do basic html Sleep more

How do I get rid of that huge gap?

Further fire feared

We are going to the midnight service later (around midnight strangely enough). I am a bit worried having been traumatised by recent events. Perhaps they should offer support.

Rather strangely I am responsible for cooking Christmas dinner this year – my cat is not well enough to travel so can’t go to my parents as has been her habit in the past. As such my parents have made a last minute decision to come to me – along with my brother. The last few days have involved consideration of turkeys and the like. Dave has written in rather more detail to everyone on his blog (link on the post below).

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. I hope you have a peaceful and joyful time.

Fire at Christmas

I was wondering whether I needed to alert a person in authority about what appeared to be a small fire going on in the window of the church. I asked Dave, I stared, I looked around, I stared some more until the Churchwarden came past me. He seemed to know what he was doing so I left him to it – as did the rest of the congregation. He got a step ladder and dealt with the situation, soon after he dealt with the other fires that had started in windows and soon calm was restored. Actually it was all very British, people stared but didn’t say or do anything – no need to cause alarm you know.

PS The fires started because of a candle/oasis situation (they really don’t mix)

PPS Dave is just about to write about it – but has probably done it by now.

Right, what do I want to write about

The term is dragging on, the last few days next week will be a complete waste of time. I still have a lot of presents to buy, but more worrying is the distinct lack of Christmas cards – have not sent a single one yet, so if you live a long way away and would normally get a card, it may still happen. It’s nice to receive something a bit later than all the others, Christmas is over all too quickly don’t you find?

Friday night food

I cooked the ‘Speedy coq au vin’ Ainsley Harriott suggested. ‘Speedy’ it was not (well in relation to a 5 hour cooking time I suppose it was) but we started preparing before 7pm and ate after 8.30. Disappointingly longer than 35 minutes. Still it seemed to be very well received and I found it very tasty, it went well with the roasted potatoes, parsnips and courgettes. Dessert was rather a gamble, we went onto Diabetes UK and found a simple recipe which had me dashing to the supermarket after work to gather ingredients. I am still not convinced by the flavours but it was edible.

Cranium was excellent, though teams of more than two is advantageous.

Recipe request feedback

Thank you very much for your suggestions-

Miss Lisa,
I was tempted by lamb shanks, as I love them but couldn’t quite see how enough would fit in my pot (would also have to have gone somewhere awkward to buy them).

Three lovely ideas but yes – baked beans is exactly the sort of evil I was speaking of! Especially tempted by the pork and cider casserole but wasn’t sure enough of what I was doing and couldn’t find a recipe in the few minutes before I was dashing out to badminton before going shopping.

Chalky and Jack the Lass,
I love roasted vegetables and am going to do some to accompany my final choice –

‘Speedy coq au vin’ via Ainsley Harriott. I will let you know whether it is well received.

Now my dilemma is what dessert do I do for a friend with diabetes? Oh, one that takes no ingredients or preparation time at all.

Cooking ideas

Any thoughts on what I should cook for 5 people on Friday? I have very little time to prepare but would quite like to do something nice even so.

I need to avoid fish, peppers, sugar, rice, quite spicy (along with very spicy obviously), beans (of all varieties except green).

I would like to use my big casserole as that is lovely and surely something cooked in it would be lovely too, I can’t do Carbonnade flamande (beef and ale stew) as I did that last time – anyway, while lovely it was quite time consuming. It is possible for it to spend quite a lot of time in the oven as long as I can chuck everything in.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

It’s been a week

In that time I have…

-been ill
-started my Christmas shopping
-set a million detentions
-moaned at another teacher for the noise in her classroom
-apologised to another teacher for moaning about the noise in her classroom
-done some ironing
-been to the supermarket 3 times
-played rather marvellous badminton
-had a proportion of pupils turn up for the detentions I set
-taught one really good lesson (sometimes you just know)
-got annoyed with someone who obviously can express an opinion on exactly how I do my job, afterall, he went to school once you know.
-wondered whether I am allowed to sing the lines ‘we all want some figgy pudding’ as I can’t stand the stuff
-counted down the days to the holidays on numerous occasions
-wondered how on earth I expect to get things done in the amount of time there is left before Christmas
-filed some more recipes away in a folder
-worried about my cat
-wondered on so many occasions whether I am caring for my cat in the right way