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A message to a friend

Hi, sorry I never got back to you after we had to cut our chat short last weekend, I’m a bit useless but would love to continue our conversation at some stage soon. Really, I must get your email address again, since my computer died last May I haven’t been able to email you at all. Hope chicken is still well. Ironically when you phoned and left the message I didn’t return I was just in the process of removing a chicken from the oven. Egg laying really doesn’t seem to be it’s thing.


The thermostat has been replaced somewhat successfully (well hopefully entirely successfully but we’ll have to wait for the water not to be entirely boiling to find out whether it can keep it to the right temperature). Tonight, in unrelated news I had a bath at a friends house.

It’s quite strange getting used to someone elses facilities, and the fact that the water isn’t so boiling that you don’t need to run equal amounts of hot and cold throughout. The friends mother was worried that I don’t own a bath (she was there when I phoned to make my request). My friend reassured her that it was a temporary measure.

Worldwide exclusive – Liars

A well known Christian organisation employs liars – well at least one anyway.

Now that’s got your attention, here is the slightly less sensational story.

I was on the train on the way home from London this evening when I overheard* a mobile phone conversation (I could go into a lot of detail about exactly who this person was – I feel I know her very well now). After some time the conversation drew to a close with “Anyway, I’d better go as my stop is coming up.” I begun to think what church she would go to as she was clearly leaving the train at the same time as I was and none of them seemed to fit with what I had heard. By the time I was leaving the train and riffling through the bin (but that’s another story) she was involved in another phone conversation. My dear tell the truth, “I want to go now because I have another friend I wish to speak to.”

*if you choose to have a private conversation in public you have to accept people will listen.


Apparently they are really easy to fit, except that it was my dad who told me so. I’m not saying my dad tells me lies, it’s just that sometimes his concept of ‘easy’ is rather different from the reality. A few examples of this would be when he was laying my bathroom floor and we ended up with water pouring through the ceiling because a valve started leaking for the hotwater tank, or when he was going to change my bath tap but couldn’t fit the tool underneath because the space was too narrow and then returned three weeks later to continue, but also had to replace a valve on the hot water tank because it ceased to allow hot water through (it was a different one) or decided he would mend the fence but ended up having to patch it rather hideously because he wouldn’t listen when I told him that it was completely rotten so couldn’t be fixed. He’s not actually a disaster – he generally knows what he’s doing but is too impatient to suss out the situation fully first, rather leaps in head first.

Anyway, back to the thermostat – having asked a few other people in addition to my father – it is quite easy to do as long as you take careful note first of where the two wires go! Must go and collect the thermostat from the Post Office tomorrow, it’s amazing what they stock these days.

To do

There has been a notice given out at briefings for the last few weeks “Heads of Department, if you haven’t got your Departmental policy to me yet you need to very soon.” It was only today that I realised I was one of those he was talking to. I had assumed the previous HOD did it – that was something else apparently! Ah well, it’s just another hoop to jump through – but hey, we don’t get bureaucracy any more – we were told so last year. Apparently I need to update the S4* too.

And there I was trying to get through tasks relating to teaching my classes and ensuring my department could teach theirs effectively. What a fool I am, of course teaching and learning isn’t the priority despite the new TLR’s we get – it’s all about ensuring we fill in the right forms incase inspectors come in.

*can’t remember what it is to be honest


I had some boys in detention tonight, one of them arrived really rather late because he’d got half way home before he remembered. It must have been very tempting to just carry on home, but he came back – which I thought was very good, especially as he had told me he had a detention with another teacher so could he do it tomorrow. I think we made a bit of progress, I like to think so anyway. Detentions are a strange thing, I often feel it is me being punished rather than the pupils. My sins include lateness, not doing homework, not doing homework to a reasonable standard, not bringing my books and probably, at some stage, talking too much and being very rude (but not yet this year).

Chalet School

Yay reminded me today to do a search that I have been meaning to do for a while – that is find the Chalet School bulletin board again. I used to love posting with like minded, slightly obsessed people but stopped quite some time ago having typed up half a book in rather a slower time than I had hoped for.
I’m sure change is a wonderful thing, but it will take me a bit of time to find my way round.
I suppose there is a school (sorry) of thought that says I should only link once I have investigated thoroughly but I suspect we can be safe with the content.
A couple of other Chalet School sites are the New Chalet Club, linked to down the side, and Friends of the Chalet School.

I am aware that this post will be extremely dull to that vast majority of you, I apologise and normal dullness will resume shortly.

The Library

Did I mention I joined my local library? I have lived here for 9 years now and that is how long it took me to get round to it. Previously I had always belonged to libraries in at least 2 counties at once. Anyway it seems like a peaceful place to go on a Saturday afternoon (not many people seem to be using it – perhaps they will once they have been in the area for 9 years).

It’s amazing what libraries are like these days – they have the internet and everything. You can check your own books out too, which is surely asking for trouble.

How often do you blog?

Diamond Geezer is doing much analysis on this type of thing at the moment. I find that I am basically a random blogger, certainly not too often! Perhaps should blog more often, but then again, if I don’t have something to say why write anything? Yeah, like I believe this – the amount of time I write complete drivel just because I opened the window…

Apologies if you have read through something that shouldn’t have been written.

I often think I should blog about Teaching more often, but a major factor in not doing so is wanting to maintain privacy from work – when I do blog about my job I try to be vague so people don’t decide it’s me and tut very loudly, or something even worse perhaps.