Monthly Archives: October 2005

Time flies

One minute I am blogging about packing, the next I am back at work. Bit of a shock really.

Anyway Bruges is absolutely fantastic, a beautiful city and a lot less frantic than somewhere bigger. It made for a feeling of getting to know the place a little in our time. It helped that the weather was glorious, so the photos will hopefully look amazing, I used my conventional camera for some but Dave took plenty on his digital so perhaps he could put a few up that aren’t just a portaloo (although it’s being a bit moody at the moment – the site not the portaloo).


I’ve done my placing of clothes ready to put in a bag, David is dilemma-ing about black tops and the rain. I have secret worries that I’m not taking anything smart enough for all the posh meals we’ll go out for!

I hope my little cat doesn’t get too stroppy with the lovely woman who has agreed to come in twice a day to feed her.

I am on holiday

We went for a meal last night which was absolutely fantastic. I had spinach and ricotta ravioli in mushroom sauce as a starter, saddle of lamb with gorgeous things (I can’t remember exactly) for a main course and for dessert an orange juice tart which crackled with every bite. If you’re my age you may remember a thing called space dust which burst in your mouth, it was like that. Rather more than I would normally pay for a meal but worth it for a special occasion.

Today I got three magazines, which are slightly out of date, for £1.50 in total. At full price I would have paid £14.75 – bargain. I also bought a pair of jeans, which is quite an achievement for me.

We’re off to Bruges during the week, I can’t wait.

1 day to go


I woke up this morning (well technically yesterday morning now) thinking it was Friday, so it was a little bit depressing to find it was only Thursday.

Ah well, should be an ok day.


The Government, in their great wisdom, has decided that a restructuring of school heirarchy is necessary. Many feel that this is because teachers made a fuss about not wasting time doing jobs that others can do, but that take away valuable time from doing things that teachers should be doing – like teaching. The Government has done this by saying “No more management responsibilities, now you have teaching and learning responsibilites”. OK, fair enough, this means that teachers shouldn’t be doing administrative and clerical tasks. Except that some schools have looked at it as a way to get rid of the positions you can work towards before you can run a department. The sort of positions that give teachers an incentive to do all the extra things they do, perhaps thinking “Maybe then one day I will be able to take a step up the ladder towards the head of department role”. They have removed the jobs that enable people who run a large faculty to delegate, knowing that it is fair to do so because their colleague is getting paid for it. An example would include arranging all the special needs maths for the department, so running catch up clubs, producing work suitable for this ability, and generally catering for an increasingly large sector of the school. Now that position will cease to exist and the responsibility will return to the head of department, or any mug that will take such a thing on on a school wide basis rather than just for their own classes without getting paid.

Apparently many schools are ‘assimilating’, meaning transferring people from the old system into the new, not cutting back on positions with points, just moving over to the new system. We aren’t doing that, we’re scrapping all the ‘in between’ positions and going with heads of department only. That’s it. I’m a head of department, it doesn’t affect me in direct terms but I think it’s really bad that plenty of people are losing their points or don’t stand the chance of getting any points until someone finally gives up their higher position.

Staff morale is low, very low, this is not good.


Apparently I am not using it correctly, I have about 38 blogs registered on my list but I’m not very good at looking at it so the unread blogs build up rather. I then don’t want to look because there are too many to read, so we get an endless cycle. What I need to do is narrow it down to a few, so it isn’t daunting – well that’s what I’ve been told!

Changing the locks

Someone changed the locks while I was out at work today. They also changed the doors and a window, which is fair enough as they were being paid to do so – well not paid yet, but they will.

It was rather strange to come home to see everything all done and I’m very pleased with the results. I think all the hassle I went through in August was worth it, I ended up with a good company who I would recommend to others.

Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Trying to work out how to spend mine at the moment. While I could just take them to the store and hand them over in exchange for shopping, I quite like the magazine I get – I paid about £8 in vouchers and get a year subscription to Good Food. Bargain.


I have a lukewarm bath waiting for me, it doesn’t really appeal to be honest. I started running it with hot water, checked on it half way through, when I went back it was lukewarm. Ho hum.