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Greenbelt – and by no means the first one to report!

Something very bizarre about blogging while looking out at a mass of tents in the middle of the racecourse, it’s a view that I love. The hills surround it and from a distance it looks so peaceful and now the sun is shining brightly and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, which makes it even better. Cheltenham holds many happy memories for me, it’s where I did my degree and teacher training some years ago (more than I care to think actually), I used to go for walks on the hills I can see, and if I drive through the town I get very tedious beacuse there is a constant refrain of “I used to live there”, as I lived in about 9 different locations in my 4 years it’s rare for me not to call that out – to be fair I think the first year I did this Dave made all the right noises, the second year it was a bit more grunty and the third year, more along the lines of “yes, you lived everywhere, I get it”. This year we haven’t driven through Cheltenham yet.

The racecourse holds particular strange memories in that it is the place they sent us to do our end of year exams. As a result many of the rooms they hold seminars in remind me of trying to remember lots of Geography related stuff – with mixed success. It was also the location of the Summer Ball each year, so all in all, many memories.

Greenbelt has been excellent so far but I think I will wait until I get home to blog in detail about it.

For now a few random thoughts…

-What were the family thinking that booked one shower for 4 of them? 2 adults and 1 child (the smallest stayed in the push chair) in 15 minutes – funnily enough they were still going when I left after 15 minutes. Perhaps they should pay for 2 slots one after the other as that would be much more fair.
-I like the Organic beer tent very much, along with the new layout of the site.
-Why do some youths insist people respond when they say hello to random people walking aorund?
-James Jones (Bishop of Liverpool) did two very good talks.
-The wibmeet was once again excellent and it was fantastic to meet some new people there.

Campsite Review

We decided at the beginning of the week to take a couple of days away this weekend, trying to make the most of the campervan and the predicted good weather. We thought we would keep it fairly local as one of the major hassles is the journey, we also thought we would do it as simply as possible – no awning, no table, no real cooking etc. So we booked our campsite – Polstead Touring Park – and waited for the weekend. Sadly the rain came, as it tends to with all our camping trips so departure on Friday was later than intended but we still managed to arrive by 7pm and were ready to drink a cold beer by 7.10pm, well that’s simple camping for you.

Anyway, I called this ‘Campsite Review’, so that’s what I’ll do. It was immaculate, beautifully laid out, with a lot of thought gone into the overall appearance. The only minor quibble I would have is that the 3 minute walk to the pub is rather optimistic, perhaps the person who timed it is a world class athlete. Anyway, here are my marks out of 5

Toilet block
General ambience
Proximity to Public House

*afterall, you could have a nice toilet block but bad showers, or vice versa
** to be honest a major factor in this is whether youths or children are screaming around the place

Double glazing salesmen

And yes, they were all men.

Tuesday, it was all going swimmingly, I had begun to suspect that I had misjudged the entire industry, both men were polite, listened to what I wanted, provided me with a quote and left. Yes I had agreed to let them know my decision but nothing else.

Wednesday, man late, granted he had phoned a couple of times to tell me this, but still, valuable time wasted. I then learned more than I ever needed to know about the make up of a window, and why I should only ever buy his windows, and why I was entirely wrong when I answered the question which went something like “so… all things being equal would you choose my company over the other two?” with “Not really”. You see this was clearly a sign that I was an ignoramous and so he had to repeat everything he had already said. I was also given his special offer – carefully worded – I’d grant research has gone into this to work it all out.

If we gave you a special rate you would have to agree to having a board put outside your house for four weeks – fine.
You would have to have the work done with in the next six months – well yes before winter of course.
You have to say yes now – ah. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

But he kept talking, and talking, I could see my time at the gym slipping away for completely the wrong reasons. I finally told that the more he kept talking the more decided I was becoming that I would never use his company. He took the hint and left.

Oh by the way – his prices – he was very proud of the fact that his quote would be twice that of other quotes I have received and when I enquired whether his special offer would come within the ball park of the other quotes the response was “No, but you wouldn’t expect to buy a Mercedes for the price of a Lada would you.” Clearly this man has misunderstood what I am expecting from my doors and window, and when this girl drives a Ford Fiesta because she would consider the Merc a stupid waste of money, possibly not the best analogy.

The company well I wouldn’t name it of course but it has a name that sounds not unlike a popular Christian denomination.

It’s been a while

I finally have at least two days together at home – that hasn’t happened since the end of term. It’s all been back one day away the next, I’ve dashed around the country and seen various people and done lots of things. Now I need to clean my house rather. Ooh tomorrow I have the joy of two double glazing people coming round – how mad am I – I actually invited them!

I could tell you all about my holidays but I might wait until I have a bit more time, and possibly some photographs.