Monthly Archives: July 2005

Of course it is

Raining that is, it’s been totally hot and dry for the last billion weeks, but as soon as we want to go camping in Britain it rains. I’ve paid a boy to water my garden plants – just to make doubly sure it rains throughout.

Have a good few weeks will report back when I’m back!

Thank you Yay

WISE gift

In the photograph you can see an Aussie Dictionary, a fridge magnet, a packet of mango rock sweets and a Sydney postcard.

As a resulf of these you may well find my entries scattered with Aussie lingo, me rather sweeter than normal as well as strangely magnetic… er and calling myself Sydney?

It was a real treat and I really appreciate the gift as well as Deeleea thinking it up and organising it.


As Yay realised my WISE gift arrived. I was hoping to do the proper thing and put a photo up but that will have to wait til tomorrow. In the mean time thank you for my brilliant WISE gift Yay. I will wait til I put the photo up to tell you what I got.

And, no Yay, I didn’t guess it was me from your clue!

Wiblog entry for 13/07/2005

Yesterday I confiscated a drink and sweets from two boys in my form as they were buying them well into lesson time. This morning I refrained from confiscating another packet of maltesers from Arthur as it was, strictly speaking before school, but I did suggest he should eat less E numbers and do everyone a favour.

1 hour later…

Eagle eyed Maddie sees an empty Malteser packet under Arthur’s chair.

“Arthur, you’ve eaten your maltesers in my lesson, I’m a little bit cross with this state of affairs”*

“No, honestly miss, I didn’t, I ate them in assembly, that isn’t my packet.”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times, couldn’t quite find the words and walked away.

*wording may not be quite accurate

Wiblog entry for 07/07/2005

It’s a sobering thing, the joy of yesterday and the horror of today. Just this morning, before I knew about the blasts I was showing a short video clip of a policewoman talking about an IRA bomb she had been in, the context was forgiveness, the kids really had few memories of this sort of thing happening in London, I was trying to fill them in a bit… sadly they now will have a clue. Something they should never have to understand. Obviously my prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and the injured, but I also pray for Muslim communities who are likely to be on the receiving end of hatred as a result of ignorance.

Lord may your healing hand be on those who are suffering.

3 lessons

Today I taught what was in theory the same lesson 3 times (3 year 9 groups) – just in case people are jealous I did also teach a couple of year 7 lessons but that is rather irrelevant to what I am thinking.

I was at the same point in the topic we are looking at with all three groups, having done the same preparatory work last week so in theory a level playing field. The reality is very different.

Class 1 – struggled through, they wouldn’t talk to me, I had to get them to write things down, didn’t get very far with the whole idea.

Class 2 – excellent, I pointed out that I would appreciate not having gormless faces staring at me when I was asking them a question. We made much progress.

Class 3 – not bad, I used the same gormless comment, it kind of worked and we probably made enough progress.

Now, this is my dilemma, on Thursday I am being observed doing the same thing with another year 9 class. How do I ensure I get responsive pupils without telling them I don’t want them to be gormless – or perhaps the Head wouldn’t mind me saying that?

Plus, I have completely forgotten how to write a lesson plan, will have to ask around tomorrow – anyway, it’s all changed since my day.

Whiteboard Pens

I have a beautiful set of 6 whiteboard pens in a nice plastic case. I have a small whiteboard (approx 40cm by 70cm)* currently the whiteboard is empty. It has previously had lists of treats people might want, but apart from the cat no one seemed greedy enough to use it as a place of hinting. My question is… how should I now use my whiteboard and 6 pens? If it helps you to work out what I should do, the colours are orange, red, purple, green, blue and black.

*OK, 40 cm by 63cm – I couldn’t resist measuring once I had typed it