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What shall we do in London?

It’s not like we never go, well I never go at the moment but Dave seems to be popping in for various things. Dave likes art and I like maps. I like some art but probably prefer to be impressed by buildings – actually Tate Modern building is wonderful, perhaps we should go there. I also need my regular fix of Stanfords, which is near Covent Garden. In the evening we will probably venture to a Ship meet – it’s been a while for one reason or another.

Front Doors

You wouldn’t believe how long I have spent looking at front doors, it has involved numerous website visits, a few in store visits, wandering around the neighbourhood looking surreptisiously at the front doors people have and deciding whether I like them or not. Yet still I have not made the front door decision. Too much choice and a lack of knowledge – a dangerous thing. All I have really established is that I don’t like the flowered glass and I don’t want too much glass, but some, so my hall way is lighter.

Perhaps you have recently purchased a front door, perhaps it makes your day every time you use it, or even walk near it, perhaps you would make a different decision should you do the process again. Let me know, please, in the comments below.

I’ve been brainwashed

Yesterday it was extremely hot and humid, so when a class asked if they could undo top buttons for my lesson I said yes. After a few minutes I was really struggling, everytime I looked at a pupil I had to fight the urge to tell them to do up their top button. I realised that this is pretty dire, especially as I also have to resist that urge when I am out and about.

– Tuck your shirt in
– Your tie isn’t long enough
– Put that gum in the bin
– Why are you wandering around? Where should you be?

An estate agents I really, really don’t like

You see, I really shouldn’t be thinking about Estate Agents at the moment, I moved a year ago in exactly a weeks time. I am not looking at or thinking about other houses, or trying to sell mine.

However, recently one Estate Agent has put a lot of pressure on me. I have received letters with tea bags, letters with sugar, letters begging me, all claiming I am breaking their hearts by not selling my house. Do you seriously think that because you send me a letter I am going to suddenly say, ok then, sell my house?????????????

Excuse me? Why ********************** should I sell my house just because you write to me? Many times.

I got to the stage where I returned one of their letters telling them that if they didn’t remove me from their posting list I would never even consider using them for either buying or selling a house in the future. Today, for the first time in ages, I received another letter from them.

I will not be held responsible for my actions. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Please note, no way am I naming the Estate Agents, and therefore giving them more publicity. They will be the head of my ‘never ever sell your house through these people’ list when anyone asks me to share my wisdom. It’ll happen.

I need 2 weeks off work

How do they expect me to work through Wimbledon? I miss so many of the matches and life is simply to hectic to watch tennis all the time when I’m not at work – solution is simply to take a couple of weeks and relax and enjoy it. Do you think they’d go for it?

The matches I’ve seen have been brilliant but it’s rather obvious that I want the underdog to win (I’m so British). My energies generally go towards willing the lower ranked player to win, the only exception to this is Tim, who technically isn’t an underdog until the late rounds, except he’s British, so that’s always a disadvantage.

I went to small group tonight – no sex*

*in order to understand this comment it may be advisable to read the entry of 8 June.

Summer is coming

A shame it’s downhill from Tuesday onwards. I have benefitted from the weather this weekend and I like to think I have been entirely sensible in it too. Not for me luminous red skin when I go into work tomorrow, where’s the fun in burning? Wimbledon tomorrow, I suppose that means the weather will deteriorate rapidly – ah well, as long as it perks up again by the weekend I’ll cope.

Not many activities this weekend to be honest – walking in the shade, catching up with friends, lazing around.


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You could be too!

An aside –
I have a bit of a problem with staying awake in evening sermons – I don’t think it’s content related but more that my body seems to take the start of the sermon as a cue to stop everything and let me sleep. Dave has a theory that it’s because my arms are crossed and this means it is much easier to doze off, I remain unconvinced. So if you find me snoozing in your sermon don’t take it personally – well, do take it personally if it’s a morning service – it really isn’t an indication that I find you boring.

Desk News

Today in Desk News, my desk.

I remain in constant embarrassment about the state of my desk. For example if someone should teach a class in my classroom they can rarely put anything of any size on my desk, they rummage around and if they lose anything it may be gone forever. I warn my children frequently not to just put things on my desk as they could even lose small communities there.

Anyway, while a class was getting on with independent work I used the lesson to try and sort out the mess – my ‘mesk’. I was very encouraged by the 12 year old who complimented me on my progress at the end of the lesson. She’ll get a good report this year!

Bible study

Somehow, when I said I’d join a new small group I didn’t think we would be looking at the pitfalls of ‘spilling semen on the ground’, how to dress up as a prostitute to fool the father-in-law into making you pregnant and what happens when someone gives birth to twins (something to do with red ribbons and the such, I still don’t really know).

Oh and Judah and Shua deserve a rather wonderful prize for calling their first son Er.