Monthly Archives: April 2005

Nap time

I find the first week back after a holiday really tiring – I think it’s the shock (mind you I’d prefer the shock than not have the break).

This evening while I was at Dave’s he asked if I was going to have a nap while there, or wait until I got home. I replied confidently that I was going home.

40 minutes later I woke up. One more day before a 3 day weekend – hurrah.

Where has the two weeks gone?

I have been to Barcelona and Lincolnshire, both absolutely marvellous and very different. I went to Lincoln for the first time in about 10 years and walked up Steep Hill – appropriately named and was very relieved that the heavy casserole I wanted to buy was at the bottom of the hill near the car. I got a blister on my thumb from playing playstation too vigorously and spent a really good time with friends I miss a lot.

When I returned I cooked for some other friends – a red wine risotto as a starter, a beef and ale casserole (well I had to use it!) for main course and a chocolate mousse to finish. The excuse for the evening was playing Globetrotter Trivial Pursuit which we did afterwards, all was accompanied by good wine, including a very nice fairtrade wine – Thandi – which I will buy as a treat sometimes. Now I could do with a couple more weeks off.


I got mine by pushing a campervan to jump start it, how did you get yours?

Someone found my blog by searching for – old teacher cartoons – my that makes me feel good.


I appear to be back on mine (Parochial Church Council) after a 2 year break. What with giving up the music group I figured I could do something else. Very strange comment from Vicar chappy – ‘I was relieved to know you were joining the PCC’ – given I knew he didn’t mean that he wanted me at the meetings (I don’t like a meeting that is sloppily run, or unnecessary in it’s content and I don’t mind saying so). Anyway it would appear that he wondered if my leaving the music group was me running away completely.

Hurrah PCC.


I loved it, well, we loved it.

It was the city that the most people had warned us about in terms of safety. One woman said, “don’t leave your valuables on a coach.” Well… duh. Anyway all was well, a good hotel and a great city.


The really wonderful food
Seeing so much of the city from the open topped bus (we’re such tourists!)
The hotel


Hmm really can’t think of any – apart from a rather dodgy stomach on the way from the airport to hotel

I liked the city, plenty to see (lots we didn’t see in the time we were there) that bit warmer and drier than Britain, if you get the chance I recommend it.

a gaudi building
A very curvy building, also known as ‘organic’, as seen from the tourist bus.

I am sooooooo good

I have shredded a lot of paper, including bills and receipts that I no longer need. I am not sure that I made the best choice with my shredder though. It really struggles with 2 sheets at a time and stops entirely every so often, I wonder if I can exchange it for being useless 3 months after I bought it?

I also sorted through lots and lots of papers, then filed them.

I didn’t buy clothes when I went shopping earlier, though I did buy a memory stick – well it was nearly purple, oh, and 6 “Tycoon” games, let’s hope they work on this computer.

I did ironing so we can go on holiday on Monday (my parents are coming tomorrow so I don’t know how much time we will have tomorrow).

Er, that’s probably about it – though I have been very good all day.

Woo Hoo

One more day to go ’til I have 2 weeks off. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

Plans for the two weeks? Hmm, well I should be careful, when it was the long weekend I promised myself a relaxing time. That did not happen. So 16 days…

Barcelona for 4 of those days, only just realising that it is coming really rather soon. Friends in Lincolnshire for 3 days. Other than that, lots of ideas but no actual plans.

Roll on 3.30pm, I intend to be racing the kids out of the building.


I was a little confused by this heading in a leaflet of basic information about the Catholic Church. It was written by a year 7 (11-12 years old) and he insisted that Catholics hold a Rosemary to help them pray. I did wonder whether it was the herb or the lady, but perhaps either is acceptable?

Things I have done since I last wiblogged

Taught approximately 480 children
Marked exercise books and tests
Had 2 meetings
Went to a 50th birthday party
Played an hour of badminton
Slept (but not enough)
Drank too much wine (especially Friday)
Made lists of songs for 7 Sundays
Bought a birthday present
Went out for a pub lunch with lots of people from church
Became totally addicted to Masterchef goes Large

Oh and loads more stuff