Monthly Archives: March 2005

Such a stereotype

Gardening on an Easter weekend. I am showing my age somewhat. We bought some bedding plants, herbs and a climber and planted them. Some weeding also took place, that was yesterday. Today has been hard work without the fun of new plants. We have bagged up 11 sacks of garden rubbish in the rather clever biodegradable bags provided by the council. My arms have rashes all over them and I ache a lot. Thank you to David for all his help.

4 days off

What a relief. It’s just a shame that I had such a hideous last couple of lessons.

Anyway, what really matters is that I made it to the gym, it’s been a while but I got there.

My plans for the next 4 days don’t include too much in the way of hard work but we’ll see what happens.

Pointless meetings

Don’t you just love them?

Lets just gather 70 people into a room and talk about nothing, lets achieve nothing, lets make a pointless change that no parent will notice.

Next time put it on a piece of paper.

Dr Who

I can’t bear all the hype.

20 something years ago I made it policy not to watch Dr Who, after all why get scared unnecessarily? If I ever couldn’t avoid it then I dealt with it, but never enjoyed it. Perhaps I just never ‘got it’.

Anyway I suspect I won’t be glued to my screen on Saturday at 7pm. Maybe not because I’m scared this time but simply because it doesn’t interest me.

The question I have now is, why am I blogging about something because I’m not interested in it?


I did some!

Now this is so unusual for me that when I told a friend she really didn’t believe it.

Anyway, the other day I decided I would make some muffins and that finally happened today. I decided to go for one of the most unhealthy options of the lot – the ingredients included 3 snickers bars. The process was a bit slow because I don’t do it that often, but finally I ended up with 12 golden, square, muffins. If I decide to cook them with any sort of regularity I really must buy a muffin tray.

The one I tried tasted good.

Supermarket shopping

Tescos – times to go shopping throughout the week in rank order (Best to worst)

8.00pm Tuesdays
7.00pm Wednesdays
4.30pm Mondays
6.00pm Saturdays
1.15pm Sundays

Clearly this isn’t a comprehensive list, just a few times from my experience.

The moral of the story? Don’t go shopping on Sundays (unless you go straight after the morning service).


Why do parents think it’s ok to encourage their children that it’s fine not to work in my subject. I mean, I’m not stupid, I know it isn’t the most popular subject ever, but actually if their not constantly told RE is crap and worthless they actually quite enjoy some of it. The kid in question isn’t a bad kid, not perfect but ok. She dismissed the things I said were valuable about the subject by saying ‘well you would say that’, great, not open to reason either. Ultimately she wants RE banned in schools, I did assure her that I don’t have that power.

But it was nice she felt she wanted to tell me she wouldn’t expect her child to work in my classes, thanks, that’s helpful.

A great course

The other day, before I went to see Acorn Antiques I went on a course for Assessment in RE. It was really good, excellent in fact. If you’re a teacher you will understand that this is quite something, usually the courses we are sent on are rather on the boring side. If you’re lucky you will learn something, but don’t count on it.

The man that took our course actually knew what it was like to be a teacher, he understood workload pressures in a subject like RE where you see 500 pupils a week, he understood the difficulty of standing up to the larger departments when they set unattainable targets for marking, reporting etc. He had lots of practical ideas for ways to help and I fully intend to use as many as I can.

Useful training, who’d have thought it.

Acorn Antiques – the Musical

On Thursday we arrived at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket following high expectations to see Julie Walters in the role of Mrs Overall in Acorn Antiques – the Musical. It was brilliant, I loved every minute of it and it was fairly long – we left the theatre at 10.45, the performance had started at 7.45 exactly. All the characters were perfectly written and beautifully performed.

Tonight we watched the ITV programme on the making of the show, although I missed bits of it due to cooking activities it did help me remember the show and I loved it all over again.

If you can go and see it, do.